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New York Sports and Rhymes

Role Model Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe reminds me of a modern-day Muhammad Ali. She's a constant voice for equal rights whether the discussion is focused on gender, race or sexual preference. Rapinoe has two core values, working hard and having fun. On the field, she creates and finishes. Rapinoe celebrates, yet, does so without being a jerk. As Ali put it best, "It ain't bragging if you can back it up".
00:05:22 7/19/2019

Past Episodes

New York Sports and Rhymes
New York Sports and Rhymes gets the chance to sit down and keep it a G with Baltimore's Native Son, Kas P. Kas P. is known for his versatility, reality and an ability to be different. Crank the AC, Buckle up, Relax and enjoy as you listen.
00:52:34 7/18/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
Fortunate enough to have an old school buddy and OKC insider, Andrew Ivy, who knows as much about the Thunder as anyone I know, stop by for a 30-minute interview to discuss the current state of the OKC Thunder on my show. This was recorded a day before the Beard and Broadie trade.
00:30:29 7/18/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
The Knicks didn't offer Kevin Durant the MAX? Are you serious? This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for, a front office capable of showing constraint. While the biggest FREE Agency in years didn't result in a championship contender being built overnight, By bringing back less, Knick fans have more to smile about than ever. It's evident the front office is committed to success.
00:05:35 7/1/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
Hey, do you know anyone with less than perfect credit? Maybe it's you and your credit score is preventing you from making your next vertical move. Such as buying a house, a new car or rental property. You're in luck, as John Jamison, the credit repair chauffer, is here to make things kosher. Text the words credit repair, to 347-966-9425, and my good friend John Jamison will help you fix your credit issues.
00:03:13 6/30/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
With NBA Free Agency set to begin on June 30th, I can't help but think about the Rockets and Celtics. Why, because these teams highlight the right and wrong way to run successful NBA franchises. When you force the matter in life, you're going to pay the price. When you let things fall into place, success comes naturally; it's not something you have to chase.
00:07:54 6/30/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
Without the NY Giants, there is no Odell Beckham Jr. Without the NY Giants, there's no catch on SNF, turning him into an overnight and eventual global celebrity. And without the NY Giants, there's no 5 yr. / 98 mil dollar contract. Until Odell opens his eyes and is able to look inside, he won't find his spiritual remedy. Kanye west - another staple of togetherness, put it best when he said, in the Mirror's where I see my only enemy your life is cursed well mines an obscenity.
00:04:53 6/30/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
Fire Mickey Callaway and hire former Yankees and World Series-winning Manager Joe Girardi, right away. Despite the current mess, this move would bring about instant success. So much so, that I will go on record, stating a Girardi run Mets will be playing baseball in October.
00:03:07 6/24/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
Why would any rapper continue to create classics without a reward? Aren't lyrics supposed to outweigh singles on the Top 40 Billboards? Would athletes go as hard if their numbers on the boards went unnoticed? I'm Greg Landorf, this is New York Sports and Rhymes, and it's time for real rap to attract the proper focus.
00:02:19 6/20/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
In the world's biggest sport, that's still foreign to the states, it's the women who are well ahead of the pack Proving that the United States can still be great
00:02:36 6/20/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes
Lighting round style between a father and son, as he stopped by the studio during the week. The back and forth flow is organic, not something you can teach. The style allows us to discuss the KD Squared, Knicks Decision on Kevin Durant. The NY Giants smoke screen regarding the starting QB position and the state of the Mets. Their season will either be kicked in gear or over after this stretch of series against playoff opponents. So far, they've done everything to rise to the moment, except close it.
00:12:16 6/14/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes

Are the Warriors supposed to receive sympathy? Are you kidding me? It's too bad a Warriors minority owner hasn't found a way to implement AI or Machine Learning in the NBA. I guess they're too busy shoving opposing point guards anyway

The focus needs to be on David aka the Toronto Raptors. Despite being a rookie, Head coach Nick Nurse has earned his MD, implementing surgical defensive schemes. Putting the clamps on the reigning Champs.

Don't be surprised if Monday night ends in a celebration for an entire nation.

00:03:01 6/8/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes

During the winter of 2017, The Atlanta Braves were stripped of 12 prospects, and their former general manager, John Coppolella, was banned from baseball for life due to a three-year circumvention of international signing rules.

This is the equivalent of the potato famine to a major league baseball team's farm system.

The Braves are changing baseball, creating a culture that is unparalleled.

00:02:51 6/7/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes

At the age of 53, Steve Kerr shows the ultimate trust in his players, allowing them to be themselves, never micromanaging.

Kerr has an uncanny feel for the game, never calling unnecessary timeouts, and it's why the Warriors are able to persevere under any circumstance.

00:03:03 6/5/2019
New York Sports and Rhymes

Buster Olney recently wrote an article for ESPN plus about how the Mets need to sell, sell, sell at the deadline. Then, all I hear on WFAN, The home of sports radio in NY is how awful the Mets organization is. I didn't realize 28-29 and only 5 games out of first place constitutes as awful? Especially when you're built around a pitching staff that's been more reminiscent of staff infection to start the season?

It's a shame that Trump has received more play with Stormy Daniels than the Mets have with Yoenis Cespedes. Such is life. At the end of the day, the eye test is what matters most. Everything else takes a back seat. If the starting rotation right's the ship, the New York Met's have the talent to win the NL East.

00:03:00 6/1/2019

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