Life is constantly evolving, over and over again people are forced to adapt and overcome scenarios in life, or they become stagnant. My life's journey is a constant adapt and overcome scenario. I was studying to be a Catholic priest, but knew God was leading me to a different path. So I started dating, and eventually found the one for me. Now I'm married, and got the wife pregnant . Everything changes, will you keep up?


New Balances

My Dad

On today's episode Adam and his Dad talk about life, Adam's dad talks about the feeling of becoming a dad for the first time and shares some stories!

01:01:56 7/30/2021

Past Episodes

New Balances

Rich Kelleher visits Adam on this special episode of New Balances podcast. Rich is a somewhat infamous personality in the Kirk Minihane universe. They discuss Adam's time of transition in life from being in the seminary to being not in the seminary. They go on to discuss some things about the Kirk Minihane Show universe. The episode is broken up in to two parts. Part 1 starts at 2:01 and Part 2 starts at 53:24

01:23:51 7/23/2021
New Balances

Adam talks to his younger brothers, Tim and Ant, about how they met their ladies and how they navigated the water way of finding out they were going to be dads.

00:51:12 7/16/2021
New Balances

In today's episode Adam interviews an old friend from seminary. They reminisce about the old times in seminary and where they have been in life after departing seminary.

01:06:08 7/9/2021
New Balances

Adam & Betty dive into the beginnings of their relationship. They recap their wedding and honeymoon, as well as the pandemic. Jameson the pup makes an appearance!

00:40:02 7/2/2021
New Balances

In the first episode I revisit the WHY of why I entered religious life, of why I left religious life and why I began dating...I am sure there will be more WHYS in the future!

00:19:51 6/25/2021
New Balances

Adam introduces himself to all of you and promises to work on the craft of podcasting.

00:13:54 6/11/2021

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