Life, Music, and Pets! Each episode opens and exits with a new song produced by Kai Kingkeo. The format of this podcast varies from casual to serious conversation among friends as it goes in life! The one guarantee is a steady flow of call outs and shout outs each episode. Subscribe and follow us on Instragram & Twitter @lmppodcast


LMP Podcast

LMP Podcast Episode 18

During the hard times we're all facing, we are striving to remain creative and productive. If background noise is heard in this episode, for some reason we were picking up radio waves on our interface (>_<)
01:24:12 7/17/2020

Past Episodes

LMP Podcast
Our first return guest D'Mone talks from behind the mask.
01:27:31 5/25/2020
LMP Podcast
Kai and Rachelle recap the recent guests, UFC 249, Mother's Day, and the Rona situations.
01:12:23 5/13/2020
LMP Podcast
Washington's own local DJ/Producer/GraphicDesigner and also now co-owner of a sticker company! Find him anywhere @mikewoodsyo and on IG @itzmikewoodsyo
01:26:16 5/2/2020
LMP Podcast
MMA, conspiracy theories, van life and much more with Sean on another quarantine call!
01:33:00 4/11/2020
LMP Podcast
During this pandemic we got Dionte back on the show via phone call!
01:11:31 4/11/2020
LMP Podcast
Official format announced as the Life, Music, and Pets Podcast!
01:26:33 4/8/2020
LMP Podcast
Kai and Rachelle discuss quarantine activities, new podcast plans, and pets
01:20:46 3/29/2020
LMP Podcast
Rachelle returns to the podcast for episode 10. This time her and Kai have a babysitters!
01:54:37 3/21/2020
LMP Podcast
New Logo! New Instagram Page @lmppodcast Exciting guest coming next episode!
01:22:48 3/16/2020
LMP Podcast
Special guest Ziggle Mack
00:00:00 3/4/2020
LMP Podcast
This week's guest is Dionte aka D'Mone, he was in studio earlier to record some songs and decided to hang out for the podcast.
01:06:07 2/18/2020
LMP Podcast
Trump, Football, Cheaters and much much more
01:20:00 2/8/2020
LMP Podcast
Special guest Reginald Concepcion, topics including Mormonism, friendship, Connor McGregor, and why we do the podcast.
01:25:14 1/25/2020
LMP Podcast
Special Guest Rachelle talks, motherhood, pets, and friendships in this episode of the LMP Podcast.
01:09:50 1/20/2020

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