"Geekable" is a weekly comic book related podcast hosted by Nick Ricci and Anas Abdulhak where they talk about their passion for comics and comic book media! Join them as they meet and get to know industry professionals that have shaped the medium for years. Geek out about comic books with friends and just generally have a good time!



Jim Zub

Jim Zub (Champions, Conan The Barbarian, Skullkickers, Wayward, Dungeons and Dragons) the legendary comic book creator and overall wonderful human being joins Anas (Nick couldn't make it due to some unfortunate technical difficulties) and they get into all the ins and outs of the comic book industry and the realities of it. from working at the Big Two to creator owned comics. From Substack to the financial difficulties of making your own comics! Jim offers years worth of wisdom and knowledge that he's accumulated over the course of his phenomenal career and dishes all on a new episode of Geekable! This is an episode you DON'T want to miss!

00:48:03 8/29/2021

Past Episodes


Anas and Nick shed light on some phenomenal creators and writers in the comic book world that they believe YOU should check out and read their work! Amazing creators like Leah Williams, Daniel Warren Johnson, Magdalene Visaggio and many, many more!

00:43:39 8/23/2021

Come one, come all! Nick and Anas are reviewing the first episode of Marvel's What If...? featuring the mutliverse's new heroine Captain Carter! Plus! Nick and Anas get into some fan questions and have their very first Q&A answering all the burning questions submitted by you!

00:34:54 8/15/2021
Anas and NIck have a sit down with Image Comics' Crowded writer Christopher Sebela who has created a number of phenomenal indie titles including Heartthrob, Welcome Back and is releasing Dirtbag Rapture with ONI Press as well! Sebela discusses everything regarding his SIX upcoming titles and offers an update on the live action Crowded movie starring Rebel Wilson!
00:29:56 8/11/2021

A two-episode crossover! Anas and Nick are joined by Power of X-Men, an incredible podcaster and fellow X-Men fanatic to dish about the first two years of the age of Krakoa and all that it has brought with it! This is only part one, so head on over to the Power of X-Men podcast to hear the second part of our conversation and let us know how YOU feel about the Krakoan age! 

00:23:09 8/8/2021

Nick and Anas sit down with superstar cover artist E.M. Gist who's done work for some of the greats like Marvel, Boom Studios and even illustration work in the video game industry! E.M. shares all the details about his work as a cover artist and the transition he made into comics and his life long love of all things Geek culture! 

00:34:51 8/1/2021
Nick and Anas are joined by comic book legend Arthur Adams, known for defining the 80s era with his extremely detailed and textured art. Check out this episode where we discuss his glorious career and all things yet to come!
00:39:26 7/24/2021
Nick and Anas review the entire season of Loki and talk about how that EXPLOSIVE finale will affect the MCU in the future and all that is yet to come in what we're calling "The Multiverse Saga". Will Sylive return for season 2? Will Toby and Andrew show up in Spider-Man No Way Home? Are we getting Young Avengers? All that and more in our latest episode!
00:30:13 7/18/2021

MarvelComicsGuide joins Anas and Nick to discuss his long history with comic books and to offer tips and tricks on how to get into modern day comics and start reading today! We also share some recommendations to anyone listneing on what they should pick up depending on what genre and format they may enjoy! So if you're new to comics or just an MCU fan, this episode is for you! 

00:49:51 7/16/2021

It's here! Marvel's Black Widow is finally out in the world and we are reviewing it! This is a spoiler heavy episode where we do a deep dive about our thoughts on the movie, how we think it stacks up compared to the rest of the MCU and some easter eggs and references that we caught! ALSO: A very special giveaway announcement for a chance to win some AMAZING comics and a Black Widow poster OR a Comixology gift card to buy any comic of your choosing! 

00:30:18 7/10/2021

For our TENTH EPISODE! The incredibly talented Eisner nominated writer of Black Widow Kelly Thompson is here with us today! Kelly joins Anas and Nick as they deep-dive into her extremely successful career in comics and her various works from Captain Marvel to Hawkeye and West Coast Avengers! This is an episode you do NOT want to miss.. (just take our word for it) 

00:49:14 7/4/2021

The one and only Maurene Goo, author of Somewhere Only We Know (coming to Netflix soon ;) and Marvel's SILK mini-series joins Nick and Anas to talk about the difference between writing YA novels and comic book scripts, her history with the comic book industry. a little bit about the live action Silk series! and way way more!

00:50:44 6/26/2021

Nick and Anas sink their teeth into the latest Marvel show "Loki" discussing the first two episodes and some very, very big reveals! From theories, to fan questions and connections of the show to the larger MCU world and all that is yet to come! Be warned, heavy spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of Loki in this show! We will be talking about THAT moment from the end of episode 2 and all that it could mean! 

00:33:00 6/20/2021

Anas and Nick are joined by the one and only Sina Grace (Sensational Wonder Woman, Iceman, Getting It Together, Ghosted in LA) to talk all about his upcoming one-shot "Rockstar and Soft Boy", his career as a comic book creator with DC and Marvel as well as a number of things including insight on how the industry works and the intricacies of being a creator! 

00:55:56 6/6/2021

On this episode of Geekable, Anas and Nick talk all about the latest teaser trailer for Marvel's Eternals and answer all your questions about who and what the Eternals are as well as dive into some exciting MCU news regarding Moon Knight, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Thor: Love and Thunder! 

00:37:46 5/30/2021

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