"NO CUPCAKES, SPARKLES, OR GLITTER MOUSE EARS, JUST DUDES DISHING DISNEY" - New Episodes every Wednesday! Join the adventure as the dudes from Magic Vacations dish, dine, play and drink around Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Universal Orlando, and anywhere else dudes can have a drink and some fun . Our host, Carl is the inventor of Drinking Around the World at EPCOT and a former Jungle Cruise Skipper. The Co-Host and #1 Disney Dude, Ryan, is a seasoned traveler who has loved Disney since he was a child. Our Tech Dude and producer, Jonathan, joins in the fun as well.


Dudes Dish Disney

Dudes Dish Universal Halloween Horror Nights

The Dudes are heading to the most frightful experience in all of Orlando. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Tune in as we break down all the scares available to you at this years event. Join us and Lynette Granger- our Universal Business Development Rep, as we break down this amazing event at Universal Orlando Resort,
00:45:01 8/11/2021

Past Episodes

Dudes Dish Disney
Dudes Dish Destinations: Disney's Yacht and Beach Club: Explore these Deluxe Resorts with the Dudes as we discuss the reasons we love them and why you should too!
00:32:54 8/4/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
Join us as we sit down with David "Dr Skipper" Marley, Jungle Cruise Historian, as we discuss the history of Disney's Jungle Cruise attraction and the skippers who make us smile.
00:42:36 7/28/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
This week the dudes take to the high seas around Walt Disney World and explore one of the lesser known experiences that you can do while on vacation! Our friend Lee joins us again to talk about casting into Bay Lake on this weeks episode, Dudes FISH Disney
00:29:28 7/21/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
It's DRAFT time! This week the Dudes draft from the Universal world, as we focus in on Live Action Dudes from Universal films. Which dudes make your list? Tune in now to find out who makes ours!
00:45:38 7/14/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
The Dudes are drinking again, but this time we've brought a friend! We are proud to be interviewing the Professor of Leisure and Walt Disney World Drinking Guru, Daniel "Drunky" Miller. Join us as the author of Drinking at Disney sits down with the Dudes to discuss the correct… and incorrect… ways to drink around Walt Disney World Resort.
00:59:00 7/7/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
Join the Dudes and special guest Kaylyn Cromer as we park hop around Walt Disney World! Let's discuss the art of park hopping- including the best parks to hop to/from and even how to hit all four parks in one day! Tune in now to see if hopping around Disney is right for you!
00:30:37 6/30/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
It is officially summer time and it's as hot as Hades in Orlando. Listen in as the Dudes welcome in special guest, Rachel Cox, to discuss all the Water Parks in the Orlando theme park world where we like to cool off. Whether you're at Disney or Universal, or some other places in between, there's plenty of aquatic fun for everyone!
00:53:25 6/23/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
It's DRAFT time! Our signature segment is upon us once again as Dudes Dish Disney does a fantasy draft of our favorite Dudes from Disney Live Action films! No, these aren't just the remakes, these are any live action movie created by Disney. Tune in to see if any of your Disney hero's are selected in this weeks draft and then vote on our social media platform for your best team of Disney Dudes!
00:51:47 6/16/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
This week the dudes are bringing you to their favorite places to eat Walt Disney World... to absolutely stuff yourself. It's the all you can eat episode, so we'll talk about the table service restaurants where you can get as much of the best food as you want.
00:35:12 6/9/2021
Dudes Dish Disney

Dudes Dish Disney welcomes a very special guest this week, the voice of Donald Duck: Daniel Ross. Daniel is an award winning voice actor who has recently been voicing everyone's favorite Disney duck from Mickey and the Roadster Racers! Daniel has also done some other amazing voice work, like Lucky from Lucky Charms and Starscream from the Transformers video games. Listen in to hear how Daniel got involved in Voice Acting and the very touching reason why Donald Duck is such an important role to him. Make sure to check out Daniels website at actordanielross.com and you can find him on every major social media platform @actordanielross 

00:47:25 6/2/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
Dudes Dish Disney is honored to salute those who sacrifice so much for our Freedom. Walt Disney World plays tribute to our military in a number of ways, so, we're bringing on our friend Nicole Rodway to discuss the benefits of being in the military. We'll discuss some of the patriotic parts of the parks, and go in depth on Shades of Green! Tune in now for a special salute to the military!
00:42:03 5/26/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
WHO LET THE DUDES OUT! It's Draft time again and this time the Dudes are digging into the storied history of Disney Dogs! Which Disney Dog takes the number one vote, and, which sleeper makes an impact? Why are the Dogs of Disney... kind of creepy... and of course- which collection on Dogs is the best?! Tune in now!
00:45:22 5/19/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
It's time to take on technology at Universal Orlando- specifically- the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Join the Dudes as we break down all the wizardry behind the attractions and entertainment in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley!
00:45:13 5/12/2021
Dudes Dish Disney
Hola, Dudes! It's Cinco de Mayo and the Dudes are here to help you celebrate properly while at Walt Disney World! Where to stay, where to eat, where to DRINK. Well give you two guesses where the Number One Disney Dude winds up... Tune in today!
00:32:11 5/5/2021

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