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Rotted Capes - Episode 002: Enter The Dragon

Flushed with the news of a Grand Opening, our heroes have hurried to the unearthed remains of the mall. No sooner do their feet cross the entrance, then it is revealed to be a trap, set by the Super-Z, Chimera. However, our heroes are not ones to be deterred from loot, even by a Super-Z. Blasting both cruel retorts, and flares, our heroes press deeper into the derelict remains of the, once great, american shopping plaza. Rotted Capes is a Product of Paradigm Concepts, Inc. Background Music by David Fesliyan.
00:57:14 6/16/2020

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BoneRoller Gaming's Podcast Page
It is bad enough when a hero dies. It is so much worse when they come back as the undead. Please join us as we descend into the world of Rotted Capes, a Table Top RPG, by Paradigm Concepts. Our Story takes place in a fictional Denver, CO, only a couple of years after the Apocalyptic Events of "Z-Day". As winter begins to bite a struggling enclave hears about a possible "Grand Opening". The opportunity is to good to pass up, and our poor heroes set forth to brave the dangers of this rotten world.
00:00:00 4/15/2020
BoneRoller Gaming's Podcast Page
As Yule nears, four aarakocra receive a letter from their adopted brother warning them that their home is in peril. Returning to their home city, they find the villagers have been killed and risen as a horde of undead. Desperate for answers, they plunge through the city's remains, seeking to find their lost brother. This episode Features our special guests: Ken as the Dungeon Master. Valerie playing Fenwyse (The Fighter) And the usual cast: Cat playing Loradira (The Druid) Fenrir playing Desynne (The Rogue) Lacrial playing Frillamir (The Barbarian)
01:41:54 1/4/2020
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The hosts, Cat and Lacrial, record an RPG session whilst on a road trip! That being said, the audio is a little wonky because they're in a truck. This one took place in January 2019, using the module for solo play The Executioner's Daughter by Ashley Warren. It can be found on dmsguild. It was fun because Cat got a little fatigued and zany and Lacrial was LOVING IT. Please enjoy! Visit us at

01:33:30 5/4/2019
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EXPLICIT WARNING. The Easter themed Holiday Tavern Oneshot for 2019: The Hunt for Dragonkin! Cat is the DM as Hilde (Fenrir) and Dench (Lacrial) go on another fun adventure for springtime! This time in the peaceful village of Butterfield they attend the yearly Greengrass festival egghunt...and get much more than they expected. Visit the shownotes HERE for pictures and links to the sources used!

02:04:52 4/20/2019
BoneRoller Gaming's Podcast Page

BoneRoller Gaming does a VALENTINE'S DAY d&d 5E ONE SHOT! We're using the module Cupid's A Rose by Marisa Turmaine on Check it out! It's a fun murder mystery adventure gone awry with Cat's own spins as the DM, Fenrir as Hilde the Carnie, and Lacrial as Dench the Half-Orc Paladin. Also, the bonus loot was taken from

01:39:05 2/13/2019

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