The first ever podcast to feature two white guys talking football. Jimmy and a local guest star break down the NFL's weekly slate and make their picks based on zero research and only degenerate gambler logic.


Blown Lines Podcast

The Blown Lines Podcast - 11/2/2022 Daily Pick

NBA Basketball Talk!!! 4 Games previewed and 4 plays. Lets keep winning that money!
00:14:13 11/2/2022

Past Episodes

Blown Lines Podcast
College Football Talk!!! 10 Games previewed and 13 plays. Lets keep winning that money!
00:20:21 10/29/2022
Blown Lines Podcast
NBA, NHL and Friday Night Lights College Football Talk!!! 8 Games previewed and 8 plays. Lets keep winning that money!
00:26:32 10/28/2022
Blown Lines Podcast
All NBA Talk!!! 6 Games previewed and 16 plays. One World Series play as well. Lets keep winning that money!
00:29:13 10/26/2022
Blown Lines Podcast
Jimmy is back on a daily podcast. Best plays of the day. He breaks down the some NHL games and NBA games. 9 total plays. Best of Luck and its GREAT to be back!
00:30:21 10/25/2022
Blown Lines Podcast
Today on the Podcast Jimmy is again solo. Jimmy quickly recaps the Week 2 NFL Slate before making his picks for Week 3 (minus Thursday night). Lastly he looks at the NBA / NHL playoffs(0:26:34) and makes a pick for an upcoming game.
00:39:29 9/27/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
Tonight on The Blown Lines Podcast, Jimmy welcomes in some familiar friends back to the Line. The boys recap the complete Stanley Cup Playoff bracket and give out their picks for both the Stanley Cup Finals and the Conn Smythe Award.
01:07:56 9/18/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
On this episode of the Blown Lines Podcast, Jimmy is joined by football guru and fellow hoop head Xavier "X" Kibbey. The boys recap Week 1 of the NFL and both make picks for the NFL Week 2 slate including 4 total LOCKS (0:21:08). Also they give their picks on who they believe is going to be representing each team in this year's NBA Final (1:07:26). Lastly, it is the return of the fan favorite segment... OT(1:17:19).
01:22:22 9/17/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
On this episode of The Blown Lines Podcast, Jimmy is riding solo but he made enough picks for the both of them by going over the season win totals, Week 1 Slate (40:50), and even picked some season long awards in a new segment called the "Academy Awards" (1:01:45). All this plus 3 Locks for Week 1.
01:18:46 9/10/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
Sports are back and so is the Podcast! Jimmy is in the #1 seat and is joined by Dave Rodrigues of the Boston B Party Podcast and local Puck Head Justin Ventola as we breakdown the Stanley Cup Qualifier Round in Toronto / Edmonton CA. The boys end the show with a quick Corona Virus Report (1:07:55) on how the virus is effecting the NHL and other pro-sports leagues.
01:17:55 8/2/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
Part 2 of the NFL draft coverage by the boys is all Super Bad Props!!! Dan and Jimmy breakdown numerous prop bets from the players to the teams to even the pets of the players. After that the boys talk about the movie draft day and how realistic the movie is and how it holds up to the actual NFL Draft. Jimmy shows his amazing movie knowledge once again!
00:56:10 4/20/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
Dan and Jimmy begin to breakdown and conduct the top 10 picks of the 2020 NFL Entry Draft on April 23rd. Dan keeps it simple while Jimmy goes all in on the crazy train trying to predict trades during the top 10... who will do better?
00:44:21 4/19/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
Dan and Jimmy catch up after a 2 week hiatus. The boys give there very delayed reaction to some of the major NFL Offseason Moves including Tom Brady (6:36), Stefon Diggs (44:00), and what the hell is going on in Houston (57:50). All this plus how they plan to keep up with social distancing.
01:11:36 3/28/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
We pick the Over/Unders on the win totals for every AL team (9:06) and NL team(53:47), as well as Division winners and Wild Card teams. Then prospective picks for end of the season awards(1:17:11). **This is of course assuming this season actually takes place at all** . Stay safe and wash your hands ya dumb bitch.
01:45:06 3/17/2020
Blown Lines Podcast
Two idiots talk Coronavirus despite knowing less than nothing about microbiology or infectious diseases. We also touch on boozes, showering, pooping, and some more Harry Potter nonsense. Then the obligatory XFL segment (30:00). Rounded out with Dan's Movie "Minute" (46:00).......OT: 1:01:32 WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE #ThatsMyBoyyyyyCedric
01:06:40 3/10/2020

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