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Beyond Podcast featuring Salem State University Head Mens Basketball Coach Chris Harvey

Coach Harvey is an exceptional college Basketball coach. I have had the honor of watching him build a tremendous program at Laser College (Now University) to his days of building a very strong and consistent program at Salem State University. Coach talks about everything from recruiting and  philosophy to mental health the interview process. Tremendous listen from a tremendous coach.

01:00:25 8/24/2021

Past Episodes


Here we talk to Coach Civetti Head Football Coach at Tufts University. Coach has lead his team to 4 successful winning seasons for the first time in since 1988. Coach has built a program of consistency over the past 5 years and he has really found a recipe to have his players balance both in the classroom and on the field. It was a blast talking to coach about his time at BC and NC State under legendary Coach Tom O'Brien.

00:54:44 8/11/2021

Matt Ibrahim is one of the best not only strength coaches in the area,but is a top notch public speaker who travels all over the country to educate and inform people about strength training and the science that goes into training the body. Matt has been a mentor to a lot of people and is truly one of the hardest working people around. Matt explores everything from his start into strength and conditioning.

00:58:00 7/27/2021

Coach Mark Champagne is one of the most well rounded Basketball coaches in the State of Massachusetts. Coach coached at the college level as an assistant coach and eventually a head Coach At Bridgewater State University. Then coach took over programs such as Ashland, King Philip, and now at Holliston. He has evolved as a coach and has changed with the game. He is someone I would want my kids to play for and I look forward to following his current rebuild in Holliston High School.

01:06:13 7/20/2021
Coach Bob Almeida is one of the top high school football coaches in the state of Massachusetts. He has taken programs that have had years of tough seasons and came in and made an immediate impact wherever he has gone! I appreciate the time that coach took out of his schedule and appreciate the work he has put in for the past 35 years of his life. Appreciate the time coach!
00:57:55 7/13/2021

We were honored to have Harry Roberson. Harry is the Player Development Coordinator in the minor league system for the Boston Red Sox. Harry was a 2 year captain for the Amherst College baseball team and is the programs all time leading hits leader. Harry has worked both for the Toronto Blue Jays organization and now currently the Boston Red Sox. Harry has worked hard at everything he has done in his life and will continue to thrive and have great success. Keep an eye on the name Harry Roberson, because we have not heard the last of him!

00:33:49 6/29/2021
We are honored to have had Ryan Cadres assistant football coach currently at Scituate High School and has Cerebral Palsy. Ryan talks here about how everyone is different, but it is what you do that defines who you are, not what you have been dealt. "I want my kids and people to realize everyone's different. People with disabilities want to be included. And that's how it started, I wasn't able to play a game but I found a way to stay involved and be included." Ryan is a true motivation to us all and it was a real honor to have him on this show to speak his story and spread awareness for Cerebral Palsy.
00:59:58 6/23/2021
I want to thank Jamey Conley, The Director of the Performance Training at the Sugar Bowl Ski Academy for taking the time out of his busy schedule to join the Podcast. Jamey is in charge of training, assessing and evaluating some of the best young skiers in the country to hopefully one day be able to represent the United States in the Olympics. On top of it all, I had the privilege of coaching Jamey as a high school football player and I am not surprised at all the success Jamey has had in life. Tremendous listen!
00:43:02 6/9/2021
We want to thank Coach Forbes for taking time out of her busy schedule to come on the Podcast and really tell her story and the influence that she not only has on her players, but also the influence that she has had in the game of Women's hockey especially being a trailblazer for today's professional Women Hockey Players. We are honored to have had such a tremendous guest!
00:50:31 5/26/2021
Coach is one of the best basketball coaches in the state of Massachusetts. She has an accumulative record of 144-37, has been South Shore League coach of the year and was Massachusetts Basketball Association Coach of the year in 2020. She runs an extremely consistent program and averages 17 wins a season. She is a high energy coach with a heart of Gold. The Rockland community is lucky to have her.
00:52:13 5/19/2021
This week we have one of the youngest and best girls hockey coaches in the State of Massachusetts. Natalie Flynn was one of the best girls hockey players to walk through the doors of Arlington Catholic, played Collegiately at Boston University and even played in Europe for a stint before coming home and taking over the Girls hockey program at Arlington Catholic High School. We are honored to have such an incredible hockey mind and coach.
00:43:29 5/12/2021
We are honored to announce that the month of May is our "Women in Sports Month" We are honored and humbled to have such an incredible group of women coming on the podcast this month and sharing their stories. We are starting the month off with Norwood Boys Basketball Coach Kristen McDonnell. She is one of the most elite and complete high school coaches in the State of Massachusetts and I would argue one of the best coaches in the New England area. She coached the Braintree Girls basketball team to 4 state championships, and now is the head boys basketball coach at Norwood High School.
00:49:23 5/5/2021
Neil Rebelo is one of the most impressive guests I have had on this show over the past 8 months. He is very knowledgeable in the game of basketball. His head coach called him the. "Best Assistant Coach he has ever had" and I can see why he says that about Coach Rebelo. If you are a Basketball program looking for a new head coach, look no further than this episode.
01:04:37 4/28/2021
This week's guest is Mike Scarfo Assistant Varsity Coach/Head Freshman Coach at Andover High School. Andover Head Basketball Coach David Fazio wrote a tremendous recommendation talking about Mike's leadership qualities, attention to detail and intelligence make him a very well rounded coach. Mike was also the reason this podcast got off the ground. Listen to the connection we have and how we got reunited 8 months later.
01:11:00 4/23/2021
Coach Mara is one of the best assistant coaches out there in the state coaching softball and volleyball at Billerica High School. She was a tremendous athlete at Billerica High School, started her coaching career there, and has been there since. With over 12 years as an assistant coach at Billerica High School, she is a true coaching gem. AD's and other coaches alike, this week's episode is a solid listen. Check out Coach Mara and how much she brings to her programs.
00:51:55 4/16/2021

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