Join mother-daughter duo, Ann and Mary Cate on what they think is the key to being fit and having fun: lots of laughs. Each week, they will dive into a topic that may or may not be related to fitness but will definitely be related to living a fun life.


Beer, Queso & Burpees: The Podcast

Beer, Food, Country Music & More Beer

Ann & Mary Cate talk about their favorite healthy and cheat meals before heading off to a Thomas Rhett concert. Don't forget to rate & subscribe! Follow us on social media & ask us all of your questions: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: @BeerQuesoandBurpees Twitter: @BQBFitness Email:
00:00:00 8/18/2019

Past Episodes

Beer, Queso & Burpees: The Podcast
Welcome to Beer, Queso & Burpees: The Podcast! On this episode, Ann and Mary Cate talk through their relationship and how they started Beer, Queso & Burpees. They also get into popcorn for lunch, Mercury in Retrograde, and how you should always eat when you are hungry. Have comments or questions? Join our Facebook group, email, or tweet @BQBFitness Facebook Group - Website (Swag & Blog) - Subscribe and Review our Podcast!
00:00:00 8/6/2019

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