One has bad luck, the other has a bad back. Never mature enough for grown up conversations but always up for an adult one. As a "Show of Things" the conversation could go anywhere, no matter where it starts. We are going to take up space, whether you listen or not... Catch us on Twitter! @BarelyAliveShow Opening theme: Can't Stop Won't Stop - "Stop, Drop, N Roll" Closing theme: High N Mighty - "B-Boy Document 99"


Barely Alive Podcast

Episode 50: The Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end. This show will be the last under the Barely Alive Podcast Banner. Not to fear! We take a look back at some of our favorite guests and talk about our new show and format that we will be releasing soon! We thank everyone who has supported the show and hope that, if it's your thing, you'll join us as we start The Great American Botch!
00:37:17 6/28/2024

Past Episodes

Barely Alive Podcast
We just aren't ready to call this episode 50 as we are pretty much in denial. We will get there! On this sort of episode the guys talk about potential plans for when they are ready for a 50th episode, Bubba has second thoughts about turning 50, and the guys talk about trips they've taken.
00:00:00 2/23/2022
Barely Alive Podcast
Holy long term hiatus, Batman! It's literally been over a year. It's been difficult, crazy, and full of ups and downs but we are once again back with another episode. We have some new equipment on this one so we do apologize for any difference in the sound. On this episode we give another update of what's been happening and give our final thoughts on what we learned from the pandemic now that we are coming out of it.
00:56:54 7/8/2021
Barely Alive Podcast
The guys have emerged from our quarantine caves! Bubba and Kyle rise again to bring a show to update how they have been doing during the pandemic. They also discuss how things feel after 40 and they get a nice preview of their next episode with their next guest!
01:02:00 6/25/2020
Barely Alive Podcast
On this special BIg Game edition of the show, Bubba reflects on his time playing high school football for the Steubenville Big Red. He definitely has some honest opinions and looks back on it fondly growing up in a small rust belt town in Ohio.
01:08:06 2/5/2020
Barely Alive Podcast
Man we got a show that gets deep.....deep into stressful situations. We take a look at how a scavenger hunt almost put someone in the hospital, Kyle finding his grandma, and how we handle stress in our older age
01:03:04 9/20/2019
Barely Alive Podcast
More conspiracy talk to fuel your inner tin-foil-hat-wearing self! We are coming at you with a strange story from Bubba in this episode that has you thinking coincidence? Maybe not....
01:15:25 5/31/2019
Barely Alive Podcast
During this episode, the guys take a trip in the way back machine. Bubba reflects on his favorite shows....and Kyle brings up some bad memories, in more detail, that weren't talked about back in Episode 1.
01:17:32 3/4/2019
Barely Alive Podcast
Another great show finally with another guest! We have been working on getting guests on the show for a while and we have definitely delivered. On this episode we talk with David Howard Thornton. He has done voice over work for animated shows, yet he is most notably recognized as Art the Clown from the horror flick "Terrifier". His impressions alone have us laughing through out the show and horror fans alike will enjoy a glimpse into what goes into a character like Art.
01:23:53 11/10/2018
Barely Alive Podcast
Prepare yourselves for more of something that has to do with absolutely nothing! The Barely Sober show returns! We partake in some adult beverages and give our opinions on some recent odd news stories. Erin and Andrea also stop by for beverages on this podcast!
01:23:18 9/9/2018
Barely Alive Podcast
As we get "over the hill" with our show, we wonder, just what the hell is this show? We get asked all the time, but we really don't have a one size fits all answer.....until now!
01:06:14 8/9/2018
Barely Alive Podcast
March Madness?! More like MUNCH MADNESS. We give you a break from all the basketball, brackets, and upsets and have a real debate.....about the best breakfast cereal. Also, we call up our friend Mark to plan Bubba's 50th birthday in Vegas....which won't be for another few years.
01:04:41 3/27/2018
Barely Alive Podcast
Hello listeners! We fell of the face of the earth, and we're really sorry about that. BUT like always, life gets in the way and can be absolute hell sometimes. Both of us tell why we haven't been able to record in so long. We hope you enjoy our misery.
01:07:28 12/20/2017
Barely Alive Podcast
We're at it once again trying things we shouldn't. It's part 2 of our adventures in trying new things! This time we expand our horizons into different types of alcohol, more snacks, and Bubba gives Essential Oils a shot while Kyle almost gets drunk.
01:05:40 10/6/2017
Barely Alive Podcast
In honor of our last episode about picky eaters, we decided to see just how open our own culinary tastes were. In this episode we try two of bags of 'experimental' flavored chips and a new Pepsi flavor. We hope you enjoy our suffering!
01:10:15 8/21/2017

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