Live....(or previously recorded) from the Hotel Suede. We bring to you "A Fifth of Advice" with hosts Anthony and Marshall. Critics have described A Fifth of Advice as " a bit of pop culture, a captioned moment, sprinkled w mild contradictions, truly a distinctly flavored take on society". These critics may also double as the hosts, but that doesn't take away the credibility!


A Fifth of Advice

Reaching New Hitchye

We bring in our first guest of season 2, Jordan. Another close friend of ours who brings a lot of laughs as well as good insight on adulthood and development. Enjoy a good conversation with an even better person. @fifthofadvice @JayyH07 

Here is a link to Jordan's 90s playlist:

01:08:00 8/12/2019

Past Episodes

A Fifth of Advice

The desert dog is recovering from the previous night, but still delivers for the fans and listeners. We'll call this his "Flu" game. Season 2 is bringing you the "negativity" so get ready!

00:58:18 8/5/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Start of season 2! better content, better quality, and more guests. Fueled by White Claws and Champagne. #Ganginthisbitch

01:01:54 7/29/2019
A Fifth of Advice

New episode featuring the great and powerful Nic Guzman, also known as the "Southwest George Clooney". Another great guest has entered the Hotel Suede for good conversation and advice. It's hard to play with All-Americans when you're a Superstar.

01:08:29 7/22/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Way too many Popeyes chicken references, but what do you expect from a White Claw endorsing podcast. Listen to our take on bad advice amongst other things. @fifthofadvice

00:59:18 7/15/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Hollywood is shitting out reboots like a spiked taco Tuesday night, so we made a pod about it. @fifthofadvice everywhere.

00:50:42 7/8/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Another Monday, another great pod. We want to thank everyone who has participated in helping this pod get to 1k listens. It is a big milestone for us and as a thank you this podcast will come proceed our summer playlist "Vol 2". As always, enjoy and subscribe! 

00:47:32 7/1/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Another review podcast. In this episode, we review the So Emotional project by ATL artist Key! For those unfamiliar with Key!, he has been a staple artist for us for almost a decade. He has fathered a lot of current rap styles and flows. He was an early collaborator of many current acts such as Post Malone, KennyBeats, Awful Records, IloveMakonnen, and TrapMoneyBenny(In My Feelings by Drake). As always enjoy the pod and tune into Key's project if you're inspired.

00:30:17 6/26/2019
A Fifth of Advice

RIP the Bishop! Welcome back to episode 14 of Fifth of Advice. We have a lot of things coming up including more review casts and a summer playlist. We're almost to 1k plays so run it up and thank you for tuning in! Fifth of Advice on Twitter & FB. Instagram under construction (Marketing team got us fucked up smh). We have a good one for you this week, don't forget to like and subscribe.

00:54:01 6/24/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Bonus Episode! We've reached a personal milestone of ours, so we've decided to give you a bonus episode. In this episode we review the second EP by Marco McKinnis titled "E'Merse". Enjoy the podcast. Like and Subscribe. @fifthofadvice on Twitter and Facebook.

00:23:05 6/19/2019
A Fifth of Advice

The boys are back and in full swing. I would like to start by saying congratulations to Toronto, Drake and the country of Canada. In this episode we discuss the Drake Raptors' first ring, among some other feats by popular Canadians, such as the challenge to Tom Cruise by Bugatti Biebs. We also break down the internet's new found loving relationship with Lebanese Legend, Keanu Reeves.

00:54:51 6/17/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Casey rejoins the pod for our 12th episode. As expected, he provided great commentary in discussing some current events, including the release of Future's "Save Me" project. He even revealed that our podcast is similar to a certain entertainment brand known for its darkly comedic content. Thanks, Casey... We will use this feedback to reevaluate ourselves. In the meantime, Like & Subscribe to the podcast. @FifthofAdvice on Twitter and Facebook.

00:55:10 6/10/2019
A Fifth of Advice

In this episode, we talk about the curious case of rebranding yourself. We also talk about some of the best rebrands along with some not so good ones as well(Miley Cyrus somehow escaped us on the episode, but your time coming). The episode culminates in some great advice from Marshall, so be sure to be locked in to the full episode. @Fifthofadvice on twitter and Facebook.

00:51:18 6/3/2019
A Fifth of Advice

We welcome our special guest, Abe (@MAGAinagoodway) to the Hotel Suede. Abe gives us insight on the current Faze drama, quality of music in 2019 and some 5th of Advice nostalgia. Our special guest also offers a soft challenge to former guest Casey. subscribe to the pod and follow us on twitter @fifthofadvice.

01:07:54 5/27/2019
A Fifth of Advice

Are you fan of GOT? Do you "Hit the Woah"? Do you enjoy twilight, terrible marketing schemes, cancerous companies, Spike TV and bad advice? Then this is the episode for you. If you don't enjoy those things, this is also the episode for you.

01:10:31 5/20/2019

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