"Wake Up" - S1E1 of "Julie and the Phantoms"

The members of 90's band Sunset Curve meet an untimely death, right before the gig that could launch their careers. After 25 years, their ghosts find their way back to the stage by befriending a young singer, Julie, who lives in their old rehearsal space.

The Deep Dish - The "Julie and the Phantoms" Podcast
00:22:46 9/30/2020

Past Episodes

The Deep Dish - The
Julies friend's react to the first performance of The Phantoms, Alex learns more about ghost life and Luke writes a song from Julie's lyrics in S1E3 of "Julie and the Phantoms".
00:00:00 10/24/2020
The Deep Dish - The
The boys from Sunset Curve continue to adjust to the afterlife, Luke shares a song he wrote with Julie and encourages her to try to get back in the music program. Lucy and her dad are back to recap S1E2 of the Netflix Original Series "Julie and the Phantoms".
00:19:54 10/14/2020

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