Contents1 How to do two tone maxi dress1.1 Start out by making pattern pieces.1.2 Out of your main fabric cut:1.3 Out of your accent fabric cut:1.4 Sew your straps to the top of each side of your dress top.1.5 Now for our skirt!1.6 Pull the top back up and press the center seam down towards […]. View detail

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Contents1 How to sew a pickup skirt1.1 First, you need both your skirt and your lining.1.2 Next, sew a gathering stitch around the bottom of the skirt.1.3 Sew around the bottom.1.4 Now, put the dress/skirt on a dress form or hanger.1.5 Continue picking up and placing pins, rotating the dress/skirt. Today I'm going to show […]. View detail
00:02:41 12/22/2021
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Contents1 How to make a maxi dress1.1 Materials:1.2 MAKING YOUR PATTERN:1.2.1 1. Start by taking some measurements1.2.2 2. Now cut the bottom ruffle.1.2.3 3. Next you will make the bodice portion.1.2.4 4. Now cut 3 long strips 1 1/2″ wide.1.2.5 5. Make some piping1.3 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER:1.3.1 1. Sew your bodice pieces together1.3.2 2. […]. View detail
00:03:06 12/22/2021
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Contents1 How I made this dress1.1 Material1.2 Start by tracing your tank top to create a pattern for the top1.3 Grab two armhole edges1.4 Repeat 4 times1.5 Make the skirt1.6 Pressed the seam allowances flat1.7 Pin the bodice to the skirt1.8 For the dyeing1.9 Bleached the dress How I made this dress I'll show you […]. View detail
00:02:50 12/22/2021

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