Because of automation, Harriette loses her job as the elevator operator at the Chicago Chronicle, and Carl stews over the family's debts. Harriette returns to the Chronicle to apply for a position as head of security, and she talks Mr. Seeger (Larry Block), her boss at the Chronicle, into giving her the job. Meanwhile, Eddie is interested in buying some new high tops but Carl says he has to earn his own money to buy them.

Did I Pod That?
01:10:13 12/28/2019

Past Episodes

Did I Pod That?
Raylene Taskoski returns in episode 1.4........ we discuss Rachel's first date since the passing of her husband. Raylene is a comedian/sex educator that likes to share her vast knowledge of sex with the masses. You can catch her on some of the biggest stages throughout CT and New England. Check her out on her website at
01:01:11 2/28/2020
Did I Pod That?
Brian and Chad are joined by local sex comedian Raylene Taskoski.......... they discus Episode 3 of Season 1 of Family Matters. You can check out Raylene on social platforms: Facebook: instagram: Raylene056
01:03:02 1/16/2020
Did I Pod That?
Chad and Brian are joined by Andrew Morgan to break down Episode 1 of Family Matters.
00:00:00 12/28/2019

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