Three Days Of Christmas (Netflix Originals)

This series is not what it sounds like. It's simply not filled with cheers and laughter. It's deeper that it is. More heartbreaks, more moments, more bonding time!!! --- Send in a voice message:

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00:10:36 1/26/2021

Past Episodes

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World music day special!!! Music is a language without words. It's hard for us to understand but atleast we could try our best in finding our tune. This is an amazing movie of love and music. The two best emotions in the world is brought together to give a delight to our eyes... hear to know more about how I view this movie...!!! --- Send in a voice message:
00:15:26 6/21/2021
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Think of someone who could wait for you... Lol, it's hardly possible in this world... Hear this to know that this guy in this series waited for 9 years... BONUS: Her Private Life ____ to understand your fangirling friend, watch this series after hearing my experience... --- Send in a voice message:
00:15:27 6/7/2021
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Once you hear F.R.I.E.N.D.S... theme song, you can never take your mind off it. My favourite lines,"Your mother warned you there'd be days like these, But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees. That, I'll be there for you...". We all know that all mothers are like that😅. From the theme song to the very end credits it is a laughter machine to us all. Now, after 17 years there's a reunion like a bonus episode. Will anyone want to miss that?!!Nope :| --- Send in a voice message:
00:15:35 5/27/2021
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This series is more like an adventure than entertainment. You could relate it with other Sherlock Holmes series but still it stands ahead as it's simply filled with horrific supernatural mystical cases of one kind. --- Send in a voice message:
00:27:01 4/14/2021
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Diagnosis is the biggest task that a doctor performs. In this movie, not all doctors could find what's wrong with Susannah untill he showed up. He found her... --- Send in a voice message:
00:11:35 2/4/2021
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A romantic story from the regency era in England... --- Send in a voice message:
00:12:17 2/1/2021
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One inspirational story for those who lost hope for the way they are. --- Send in a voice message:
00:10:20 1/30/2021
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Into one Magical Christmas Movie... --- Send in a voice message:
00:07:14 1/24/2021
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All about this...(Anthology Mini Series- Episode 1 only) --- Send in a voice message:
00:06:35 1/24/2021
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Would u care 'bout my thoughts on this movie...if yes then listen to offends!! --- Send in a voice message:
00:09:51 12/19/2020

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