After World War Two the world was trying to get back to normal. However in small southwest town in the United States terror would reign for months as a mad man was on the loose praying on the innocent. These crimes would go on to inspire many horror films and books. And is very controversial to this day.

Grinding true crime Podcast
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Grinding true crime Podcast
It took way too long for investigators and the family as well as the public to find out the shocking truth too the tragic end of a young teenager. Listen as we investigate together with you. Like and subscribe and give us a 5 star rating on podcast streaming services. Also checkout our grinding true crime Youtube page.
00:00:00 12/4/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
In part three we want to see your comments and also emails at with your thoughts as this case is up for debate. There are very strong cases for both so its literally a who done it. However this case is extremely violent and detailed. So listener discretion is advised. Visit our Patron at.,
00:00:00 11/6/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
In this case we discuss the many more killings that take place as Tommy continues his reign of terror on those unsuspecting victims. We also get into the things that got him caught with bonus audio.
00:00:00 10/30/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
Tommy Lynn Sells had the most difficult upbringing of the cases yet that we have covered however it does not excuse what he becomes and the terror he inflicts on his victims and their families! Join us as we discuss part one of three of this monster. Visit our Patron at.,
00:00:00 10/24/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
Dragnet was a popular 1940s radio show til its conversion to television in the 1950s. They often remade famous Los Angeles cases. However they would change the names and dates and not give gruesome details because of the era and times. In this episode we will tell the true story of this crime which is very gruesome and the details behind the apprehension and punishment which was controversial. 
00:00:00 10/20/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
Crimes that gripped the nation of Australia in the early 90's had to do with the disappearance's of tourists from other countries and nations looking to enjoy the vast outback of the country in hiking or as the locals called it backpacking., Upon some gruesome discoveries by authorities it led to a hunt for a serial killer or killers! Join us as we travel down the rabbit hole of this case. Visit our Patron at.,
00:00:00 10/9/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
It started in 1984 , Spree crimes turned to serial killing. And the cases in the Colorado cities remained unsolved nearly 30 years! Follow us as we tell the story of missed opportunities by law enforcement and tragedy to so many families who Suffered from the colleterial damage of the offender! If you like what you hear wed like your support. Visit our Patron at.,
00:00:00 9/20/2023
Grinding true crime Podcast
In this case we discuss the mysterious disappearance of Dylan and his families struggles to find them and the rabbit holes this case went down. Even the world famous Dr.Phil got involved as this case got out of hand. We also play audio from all those involved.  If you like what you hear wed like your support. Visit our Patron at.,
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Grinding true crime Podcast
A fire was deliberately set early Monday in an upper Manhattan housing project to mask the murders of six family members, including three young children. Three generations of a family, including two girls, aged 5 years and 18 months and their 11-year-old brother, were slain sometime before the fire, said police said. The other victims were three adults, including the children's mother and grandmother. If you like what you hear wed like your support. Visit our Patron at.,
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