Eps 13 D-Strong aka Invincible Son D-Strong is One of those artists that should have been a household name years ago, but for some reason hip hop doesn't work that way. If you're not talking about bust downs and how many hoes you have or what style of Molly suits you best, then you're shelved as "other" or the dreaded "Experimental" hip hop nowadays. There's no separation of music anymore, meaning Hip Hop gets an overused title encompassing all that is urban music, while "pop" rappers have a million sub-genre names like trap, LoFi, Ghettotech, House, Electro, garage funk to help define what they do. Be strong and see breath of fresh air and they clustered world of social media accounts and words like "lyricist" being thrown around like hot garbage. we get a chance to sit down and talk to D and find out his take on hip hop rap music Lo-Fi the whole enchilada. It should be interesting. Today's strain: Gelato.

'Til The Tape Pops Presents.. Hip Hop 201
00:57:42 9/15/2019

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'Til The Tape Pops Presents.. Hip Hop 201

Danger Mouse is a DJ turned producer, born in Albany New York. Moving to Georgia to go to college is what got the ball rolling for Danger Mouse, who used to wear a Mouse costume when he did his shows because he was extremely shy. Once that shyness wore off he was on his way. He would go on to meet Cee Lo Green after winning a talent show at the University of Georgia, later creating the Grammy award-winning group Gnarls Barkley. An Avid student of music, Brian Joseph Burton better known as Danger Mouse has built up quite a repertoire in trip hop, hip hop and especially indie Rock, results sing in collaborations with back, U2 and Karen O. blessed with the gift of music, Danger Mouse has put a capital "I" on Indie Rock and most definitely has left his stamp of approval. Enjoy!

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01:06:00 9/23/2019
'Til The Tape Pops Presents.. Hip Hop 201
Til The Tape Pops Presents... Hip Hop 201 Eps 16 | Masta Ace The crew continues to bring you the essentials of a well rounded Hip Hop vernacular, by tribute shows dedicated to the quintessential elements of this genre we embrace so much. Masta Ace has also been in the game long enough to show his track record of longevity and innovation. Cheers to the brooklyn native!
00:56:00 9/19/2019

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