Special guest Trish Franklin - sound therapy

Sound therapy, what is it? good for you? We will find out with our guest Trish franklin sound therapist talks all bout what it does and demonstrates with an awesome sound meditation to experience an example of sound therapy session would go. And of course, enjoy my whole thinking and talking trying to stay on subject

Dancing with Luna
01:44:00 3/22/2023

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Dancing with Luna
I know it is backward but I figured I'd visit this. Everyone needs to know when it is time for the spiritual healing journey. How to start what to do i.
01:04:00 3/15/2023
Dancing with Luna
we have a guest and talk about hypnosis its benefits and the actual experiences of myself and our guest. if it is right for you? What you should know before trying it.
01:02:00 3/8/2023
Dancing with Luna
Laura Squirrels out on why Break downs are good but, what can help prevent them from happening. let's interact with this show , Tell me what you do to overcome a meltdown or breakdown. Write what you think about this show . If you want to be a part of it let me know. if you have a problem I can address it like dear abby style let's do and we can even have others respond to that letter. just message dancingwluna@gmail.com from now to march 15 there will be a drawing for a mystery prize but you have to interact with this podcast.
52:00:00 3/4/2023
Dancing with Luna
What stones are good to start with; and what they do. How to care for them, And my story of a stone calling me into a store and what started me on my spiritual Journey. Special guest Susanna Hill explains her first spiritual encounter with crystals and her gift Lithomancy * I may add everyone is different on their spiritual journey, You may not know when you need a stone, but when you go to the store it will let you know. Or you may know and get it with 5 others that call you too . Make sure you keep your spirit open and listen and feel the universe will guide you. I left this out because I got carried away talking about the stones lol. Human error *recorded on Sunday, Feb 19th
54:00:00 2/24/2023
Dancing with Luna
Due to schedule changes and computer glitches, I couldn't do the original content. so this is a random ramble about laughter and fun life stories from my life for at least a smile on your face.
33:00:00 2/15/2023
Dancing with Luna
Who Laura is. What dancing with luna ? what this show is bout. tools and more to spiritually and mentally heal. speaking of reiki energy as a tool in this episode. like the idea of looking to help the cause please send donations to keep this channel open. questions answers to my questions or want to be a part of this show please email me at dancingwluna@gmail.com cash app $dancingwithluna apple & google pay dancingwluna@gmail.com Please stop by our sponsor's store: pixies Intent, 2727 Fondren suite 5B, Houston,Tx 77063 your go-to candle, oils, or spiritual needs in Houston. Tell them Laura sent you.
51:00:00 2/8/2023

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