So, I Was Thinking... Did Cancel Culture Create a Fear Culture?

In this episode, we discuss whether cancel and outrage culture has led to a fear culture. Jesper opens up about feeling more fearful in the dating world than he has in the past. We discuss the reasons why this might be and whether or not these fears are within reason. Rod tells a story from his own experience and Jo weights in on being a woman in the age of me too awareness.

So, I Was Thinking
00:53:42 3/27/2020

Past Episodes

So, I Was Thinking
In this episode, we discuss utopia. What is it? Can it exist? What is our personal utopia? Can there be a universal utopia?
00:00:00 6/5/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode, Jesper asks the question, what was there before the universe? Has it always just been there? Was it emptiness? Do we live in a simulation? Is there a limit to human comprehension in regards to the universe? Rod and Jesper explore these topics and more, while Jo is sleepily getting lost in one rabbit hole to the next.
00:54:58 5/22/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode, we discuss whether it's better to have a broad or deep knowledge base. We explore the depth of education in relation to the mentioned types of knowledge. We ask the question, "Which is most important: Intelligence or Wisdom?" We inquire whether knowing seemingly useless information (e.g. trivia answers) must have value in life? Listen in and join us as we dive into many philosophical rabbit holes.
00:00:00 5/8/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode, we discuss the meaning of life, a good life, a perfect life, and purpose. We explore the selfish gene and debate if true altruism (ultimate selflessness) actually exists. We also speculate on death and dying. Jesper opens up about his disabling phobia of death, while Rod describes what he believes death might be like. Jo discusses her guilt complex and how that triumphs over her fear of dying in times of crisis.
01:51:53 5/2/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode of So I Was Thinking, we explore a variety of conspiracy theories and the believability of them. To be more accurate, Rod and Jesper engage in interesting conversations about conspiracy theories of today, while Jo is half asleep. Come on, Jo!
01:32:09 4/19/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode, we discuss whether there should ever be any off-limit topics when it comes to having conversations with others. We explore the meaning of taboo and the way it is used, day-to-day, by the general public. We attempt to compare taboo and censorship, especially in relation to businesses such as YT and in other social situations.
01:05:41 4/10/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode, we discuss if humour has changed over time. What does it look like in 2020? Are comedians limited in the ways they can present their jokes? Is there more censorship? If so, to what extent? Jesper feels unsatisfied with today's "acceptable" standup comedy, Rod puts a twist on what's "acceptable", and Jo worries that people aren't sure what they can laugh at anymore.
01:15:41 4/3/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this special release episode, we discuss COVID-19. Topics covered include but are not limited to: self-isolation, social distancing, the toilet paper apocalypse, false versus factual information, confirmation bias/the echo chamber, and various controversial theories surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. What news sources are you trusting? Do you have any obligation for the safety of others? What is YOUR responsibility? This and more, on this episode of So, I Was Thinking.
01:39:20 3/24/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode of "So, I Was Thinking", we discuss outrage and cancel culture. We discuss how it originated, and how it affects life today & if they can in fact be separated or come hand in hand.
00:44:19 3/20/2020
So, I Was Thinking
In this episode of "So, I Was Thinking", we introduce ourselves and have a discussion about the goals, purpose and aspirations of the cast. We discuss the importance of intent and context when speaking about controversial topics. We also explore the role of concepts, such as perception and reality, in relation to the aforementioned.
00:35:31 3/12/2020

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