It's a new episode, new additions, new shit, new petty. It's the official debut of Ben and D-Rich and fuck it here goes!

The Petty Chronicles
00:34:50 2/23/2021

Past Episodes

The Petty Chronicles
It's only right to kick off 2021 with some level of petty. Walt is in rare form this week and it's something to see.
00:53:25 1/10/2021
The Petty Chronicles
Well we're back again...shit we never really stopped though..just aint recorded shit...either way we back damn it lmao
00:57:01 9/30/2020
The Petty Chronicles
We took over Bartosz's house....we got multiple people here and shit wild as hell.
01:11:07 8/25/2020
The Petty Chronicles
Let's just say...mimosas were had, Taylor came to visit, and Randy ditched the speedo...briefly. You know what? Just listen to the damn episode. Also always remember...Gemini is the worst sign offense Taylor lmao
00:52:17 7/29/2020
The Petty Chronicles
Today we're joined by D-Rich and Nisee for pure certified pettiness. What else are you here for? No method to the madness this week or any week. Just remember there's a right way, a wrong way, and a petty way!
01:11:44 7/21/2020
The Petty Chronicles
Technical difficulties are over...kinda. Walt's mic is fixed, audio is great, but Ridge might have forgotten to hit record for a the first few minutes. We added Ben to the mix today and this might be something. Remember there's a right way, a wrong way, and a petty way.
00:47:29 7/7/2020
The Petty Chronicles
From dirty dick stories, to should you be prepared to be a step parent after 27...oh boy...yeah the squeaky chairs are back too, this has to end!
01:37:00 6/29/2020
The Petty Chronicles
This went left quick and we mean QUICK. But you know know...that's how it should be!
01:01:00 6/21/2020
The Petty Chronicles we are. This is the inauguration. Pure randomness can only be described here.
00:59:20 6/15/2020

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