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Today, we have a special guest, Gary Morgenstein, a novelist and playwright featured in national media outlets such as the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR. Gary has crafted a dystopian political trilogy set in 2098, after America and the West lose World War III to the Islamic empire. In this totalitarian world, democracy is dead, religion is outlawed, and America is ruled by an entity called "the family." Join us as Gary discusses his latest work, "Walking Charlie," and unveils a gripping narrative where baseball becomes the epicenter of resistance, featuring ordinary individuals becoming extraordinary heroes. Alongside this, Gary shares insights on the role of the artist in society and emphasizes the importance of portraying flawed characters to foster understanding in these polarized times. He delves into the need for individual responsibility and the challenges we face in a society that's losing the ability to think critically. Tune in for a thought-provoking episode that explores the power of storytelling, the impact of societal trends, and the potential for positive change in the face of adversity. Listen to Gary's novels, "A Mound Over Hell," "A Fastball for Freedom," and "A Dugout to Peace," available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Connect with Gary on Facebook, Instagram (as Gary), and Twitter (@writergary) for more insights into his powerful and imaginative works. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and transformation. Connect with Rebecca L. Mahan and her social media here:

Rebecca Sounds Reveille
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
This episode brings guest, Joe Aiello, a master trainer and accomplished VO actor, who is here to share three life-changing points. With over 25 years of experience as an award-winning sportscaster, motivational coach, television host, and corporate messaging expert, Joe's expertise is sure to leave a lasting impact. Not only has he hosted high-visibility sports shows, but he has also made significant contributions in the corporate world as a director of communication for Walmart, shaping public opinion while safeguarding corporate identity. Joe's passion lies in empowering individuals to effectively express themselves and achieve their life goals, making him the perfect guest to guide us through today's discussion. Throughout the conversation, Joe emphasizes the importance of connecting with your audience, preparing effectively to overcome nervousness, and embracing vulnerability to build trust. By sharing personal anecdotes and practical advice, Joe demonstrates how authenticity and confidence can transform any presentation or interaction. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to public speaking, Joe's insights offer valuable tools for success in any endeavor. Join us as we dive into a conversation that promises to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in both professional and personal spheres. To connect with Rebecca: Rebecca's affiliate links: and Millecor
00:00:00 2/28/2024
Rebecca Sounds Reveille
Royce Martin is a remarkable individual with a diverse background that spans across multiple fields. With a dual major in Management and Information Systems, an AAS in Paralegal Studies, and a master's degree in HR Management, Royce has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her journey includes teaching in the legal field, leading expositions and trade shows, and training insurance agents. Despite facing adversity, including severe childhood trauma, Royce has emerged as a beacon of resilience and hope. She serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that one's past does not define their future. Royce's story, detailed in her book "From Whence I Came," highlights her commitment to moving beyond pain and helping others find light and love in their lives. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Royce is also an accomplished umpire and referee in three different sports, including recently joining the USA Volleyball Referee team. Her story is not only about overcoming challenges but also about forgiveness and purpose. Royce's three pillars-focusing on being better, living life with purpose, and embracing forgiveness-offer profound insights into personal growth and healing. Her message resonates deeply with audiences, urging them to reflect on their own journeys and find strength in adversity. Through speaking engagements, her website, and her book, Royce continues to touch lives and inspire others to embrace their own paths toward resilience and fulfillment. To connect with Rebecca click here:
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
Walter Dumas, a poet and author, shares his remarkable journey of overcoming adversity, abuse, and homelessness. Through faith and a determination to never give up, Dumas emphasizes the importance of perseverance and resilience. Despite enduring a broken foster care system and facing unimaginable challenges, Dumas remains steadfast in his resolve to move forward and help others. His book, "Silent Suffocation," reflects his experience of feeling silenced and suffocated by the traumas of his past. Through writing and faith, Dumas finds therapy and strength, inspiring others to find their own avenues for resilience and hope. Connect with Rebecca L. Mahan and her social media here: #rebeccalmahan #RebeccaTalks #usmcveteran #PodcastInterview #walterdumas #book #author #publish #writer #worldmovement #publisher #publicist #rebeccalamahan #preorder #comingsoon #documentary #fostercare
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
With me today, I have a guest, David Wright. He's the president and owner of Wright Financial Group LLC out of Ohio, with over 34 years of experience as a financial advisor, business owner, and founder. The conversation dives into David's book, "Bonfire of the Sanities," born out of a desire to educate people on the two primary phases of investing: accumulation and distribution. As the discussion unfolds, David emphasizes the importance of understanding which phase of investing one is in and tailoring strategies accordingly. In the context of the book, the conversation delves into the impact of external factors like the COVID pandemic and economic shifts on retirement planning. David stresses the need for purpose-based investing, highlighting the crucial role of income in retirement and the significance of working with a specialist who can navigate the complexities of income generation and risk management. The interview also touches on the challenges faced by retirees, the need for monitoring investments, and the broader scope of geopolitical influences on financial markets. David offers valuable insights and practical advice throughout the conversation, making complex financial concepts accessible to a broader audience. The discussion concludes with information on how to connect with David for further guidance and resources, including remote interviews and a complimentary retirement risk report. Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of key financial principles and strategies for individuals at different stages of their financial journey. Connect with Rebecca L. Mahan and her social media here:
00:00:00 1/31/2024
Rebecca Sounds Reveille
WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS What a show! This episode brings two guests that are making one touchdown after another. The first guest is here to inspire you with his personal journey. He established himself as a leader at a young age and through tenacity on the football field, he earned recognition as one of Florida's top football prospects. The New England Patriots drafted Elgin Davis into the NFL and he became the second player ever drafted from the University of Central Florida (UCF). There, he played two seasons before signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers and later the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. Elgin was inducted into the UCF Hall of Fame in 2010. Some say he ended his career with the London Monarchs, but a monarch is also a butterfly, which can represent a new life. This team title seems fitting for the new "field of life" he is playing on. One that will change the score for many to win in their current situation. Elgin is the compelling author of, "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?," a motivational speaker," is married with two beautiful daughters, but most importantly, he is a man of God." He showered his parents with gifts and personal attention, yet had to mourn the death of his father and a dear colleague. He is diligent in ministry and to his community to help correct many political and social ills that affect society. Elgin introduced his colleague in the endeavor the two are taking to bring his story to the screen. James Sliz Reese is the CEO & Founder of Truth Media Group. He is also an artist and producer of, " 13 (feat. Cagney)," containing 19 tracks, along with a single, "Homicide." He is the author of "Blind Rage" and as an actor, is known for his role in "Rated ATL (2016)" and "The Trouble with Cali (2012)." His talent does not stop there, he is also the designer of "Yours Truly" shoes. The shoes are handcrafted in Italy, manufactured and shipped to you.( The design is a unique limited edition shoe concept; you will not find this custom design anywhere else! Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host #celebrityinterview #elgindavis #sliz #NFL #author #rebeccamahan #rebeccalmahan #reveille #veteran #steelers #nwenglandpatriots #patriots #usmc #womanveteran
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
WW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS Guest, John Ramaine, is a United States Air Force veteran, SAG/AFTRA actor, and screenwriter. He pursued a theatrical career refining and adding to his skills by attending The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bill Alderson's Meisner Technique training class, and Ann Jackson's scene study class at HB Studios. John trained as a filmmaker/screenwriter at NYU TISCH and also taught The Introduction to Screenwriting at FELT Theater School. John is well known for his noteworthy roles in the Off-Broadway play The Trial On The Potomac as G. Gordon Liddy and King Henry the IV in King Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2. He also captured the attention of many with his star role in the Off-Broadway production of Spring Awakenings. John is also known for numerous television roles released on major networks such as History, Discovery, Arts & Entertainment, and ABC.   John received a Best Actor nomination at the Domani Vision Film Festival for his role as the gunslinger in Contrition and co-wrote the screenplay 79 Parts. He wrote and performed in The Curse of Booth, as well as wrote and starred as John Wilkes Booth in The Confession of John Wilkes Booth. John wrote the novel, A Long Time Ago: Dreams Never Die, They Just Sometimes Get Put On Hold, available on Amazon books. John has an inner passion for bringing to life dynamic ideas and messages. This passion has driven him to write, produce, direct, and star in numerous short films. Many of these films are available on Amazon Prime. He garnered several prestigious awards from film festivals across the globe. Lauded as a mentor, John is an encourager and leads to inspire those struggling to find a voice through their cinematic art. Part of his mission is to create possibilities for future visionaries and fulfill their dreams.  Website - Play/film Website IMDb - Instagram - Linkedin - Facebook Fan Page - Regular Facebook - Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host Turn on one of the channels below to catch the show! On video  Rebecca Sounds #celebrityinterview #johnramaine #sag #actor #author #rebeccamahan #rebeccalmahan #reveille #veteran #airforce #usmc #womanveteran
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
WW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS What do your words have to do with it? Well, a whole lot! Words are an expression of everything we think, feel, see, and more! They describe all of our senses and yet when they are woven within the very notes of the palette of instruments laid out before us, there is even more that can be said, felt, and heard. The guest in this episode is a master at not only being able to convey through her own music and lyrics an incredible amount of expression, but she is able to inspire others through her extraordinary wisdom and talent through the gift of teaching in her STORYTELLERS WORKSHOP NYC. Guest, Songstress and Producer, Monday Michiru, was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in coastal U.S. as the daughter of NEA Jazz Master and Japanese National Living Treasure Toshiko Akiyoshi, cult jazz saxophonist Charlie Mariano as well as jazz saxophonist-flutist Lew Tabackin, Monday Michiru, so named to reflect both her Japanese and American-Italian heritages, started music classically on flute studying at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy in the U.S. on scholarship, gravitating later to singing, composition and production. In 1987 she debuted in the lead role as an opera singer in the Japanese movie "Hikaru Onna" which garnered her Best New Actress award by the Japan Film Academy. Her subsequent move back to Japan furthered her career in acting, as well as hosting her own radio programs, modeling, performing in fashion corporate events, and as a journalist with steady columns. Since her music debut release in 1991, Monday has released albums on an annual basis both as a soloist and collaborator and is known as one of the pioneers of the Japanese acid jazz movement. While her discography boasts countless dance floor hits worldwide, Monday's compositional style and repertoire has evolved to that which is undeniably hers with reflections of jazz, soul, Brazilian, folk, and other urban and world flavors. Monday currently resides in New York, continues to record and perform worldwide, and heads the lyric writing seminars STORYTELLERS WORKSHOP NYC. Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host Turn on one of the channels below to catch the show! On video  Rebecca L. Mahan  Rebecca Sounds Reveille  IGTV #celebrityinterview #monday # Michiru #recordingartist #songstress#reveille #rebeccamahan #rebeccalmahan
00:00:00 6/15/2022
Rebecca Sounds Reveille
WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS  The lights illuminate on Rebecca's guest, United States Navy Veteran Ray William Roldan, who is an artist, singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer, sculptor, poet, and owner of "Swing Samurai Music." Ray William (RW) released several albums including "In California Country," "Mended Fences," "Where We Come From," and "Can You Feel This?" He has been nominated for a number of "Song of the Year" awards and has been involved with other bands and compilations, one of which is," Keepin' It Country"((Vol. 1) a various artist compilation). He has worked all around the San Fernando Valley, in California immersing himself in the blues and Americana scene. He gravitated to-wards music and poetry, appreciating contemporary wordsmiths like Dylan and Dr. Seuss, as much as, American treasures such as Yates and began crafting his own indelible blend of country blues folk-rock - a sound that lands somewhere between Hank Williams and Cowboy Junkies. He has been working with producer Max Allyn who recently signed him to "AllsWell Records" imprint out of Nashville. During the show, Ray William (RW) shared how being born to an outlaw biker father and his 16-year-old mother brought him to the coming of age in the "Los Angeles of the '60s and '70s." His family had spent a few years of being homeless, prompting him to join the Navy at the age of 17. His young life was full of hard circumstances and difficult environments, but Ray William (RW) always seemed to soften things with his easy knack for storytelling. Ray William (RW) also shared how his tenacity has now allowed him to split his time between his house in Topanga Hills, California and a newly-purchased dwelling (that once belonged to Fatty Arbuckle in Silverlake, California) where he has built a studio in the basement. It was professed to be haunted for the past 12 years, though he has found it to be a suitably creative environment to craft his songs. This episode will encourage you to pursue your dreams no matter what type of background or situation you have faced or are facing. You may also connect and feel strength from the connection of Ray William's music. The power of your destiny comes from within! WEBSITE SPOTIFY: LABEL: Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host Turn on one of the channels below to catch the show!  On video  Rebecca L. Mahan  Rebecca Sounds Reveille  IGTV On audio Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, PANDORA, Audible, and most podcast apps, and other platforms. #celebrityinterview #rw #raywilliamroldan #recordongartist #celebrityinterview #songwriter #reveille #rebeccamahan #rebeccalmahan
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
This episode brings guest, Jeff Davis, aka "Jf Davis" who is an actor, producer, director, and stuntman, with 80 credits to his name. You may already know him for his roles in "American Assassin," "Lethal Weapon," "Criminal Minds," and who has been able to portray a colorful palette of roles from comic books to horror. Most recently, he has been in "Outrage," was "Dr. LeBron" on "This Close," and appeared as a Guest Star on "Station 19." He was a stuntman in "The Rich Man's Wife" with Halle Berry and "Waterworld" with Kevin Costner. His career has been thriving and has inspired others by sharing how by putting your mind to something and with perseverance, you will achieve great things...but it is not an instant reward. The rewards come from continued hard work and being consistent. You can reach your dreams! Be on the lookout for "Showdown on the Brazos," "Proximity," and " The Demons Within!" Social Media: @jfdavisactor Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host (& Paparazzi Independent Consultant) is wearing jewelry from the Paparazzi collection. To see more go to:
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Rebecca Sounds Reveille
 WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS  Rebecca has a vibrant conversation with Lucio Fonza who is a Writer, Producer, Actor, Cinematographer, And Director. His directorial debut came about with his award-winning promotional short Modern Living & You! This film has heavy ties to his full feature Roach Motel. Lucio spends time primarily behind the camera and is most known for his role in Truly, Madly. He has a significant passion in and is known for mixing different art styles and filming techniques with his love for philosophy and psychology. Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host Turn on one of the channels below to catch the show!  On video  Rebecca L. Mahan  Rebecca Sounds Reveille  IGTV On audio Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, PANDORA, PLEX.TV(ROKU), Audible, and most podcast apps, and other platforms. #celebrityinterview #fonza #lucio #roachmotel #roach #motel #film #rebeccamahan, #usmc #womanveteran #reveille
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