In this episode, NBC's World of Dance stars Luka & Jenalyn dive into their differences in personalities and talk about how different yet compatible astrological signs can be. Are Zodiac signs and listening skills really what make Luka & Jenalyn work so well together? Find out here!

Opposites Attract
00:36:57 4/15/2020

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Opposites Attract
In this very special episode, NBC's World of Dance Stars Luka & Jenalyn bring you back to the very FIRST season on the hit TV show "World of Dance"! They give their detailed insight about their full experience on show; from the audition, to their interaction with co-stars Les Twins, Keone & Mari, and Fikshun! All the behind the scene details about season 1 of NBC's World of Dance can be found here!
00:00:00 5/15/2020
Opposites Attract
NBC's World of Dance stars Luka & Jenalyn take you back to when they met for the very first time 7 years ago and became dance partners. They talk through the struggles they went through very early on in their partnership and how they overcame these hardships through growth and adversity. This one gets REAL, but all in all get to know this couple's journey from the start and maybe see why "Opposites" really do "Attract" ;)
00:00:00 4/29/2020
Opposites Attract
Get the inside scoop to true stories from NBC's World of Dance stars Luka & Jenalyn! From NBA arena performance controversies, to Music Videos and Live Tours preparation. This couple's love for dance, performing and each other, definitely doesn't stop them from bickering in this episode of "Opposites Attract"
00:33:37 4/22/2020

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