Wine of the Week: Josh Cellars Legacy Red Blend

Pass the Pod Love: We Don't Wanna Grow Up, Sincerely Fortune

Modern Domestic Moms
00:53:47 6/2/2021

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Modern Domestic Moms

Back to the pod, and back to school! We're here to give you all the updates on our life insanity (tornados, vacations, and plants, oh my!) as well as a thorough discussion of back-to-school strategies to ease ourselves and our kids into a new schedule for Fall.

Article Discussion:, American Academy of Pediatrics: "Making the First Day Easier," "When Your Child is Bullied", and "When Your Child Is the Bully"

Recipe Box: School snacks and lunchbox ideas

Self-Care Suggestion Box: legit self-care appointments when kids are in school, nap times, and recharge moments-- shut it down!

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01:02:16 8/24/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Wine of the Week: Fadeaway Meritage, Paso Robles


A super easy outdoor scavenger hunt for little kids:

14 Printable Themed Scavenger Hunts:

Recipe Box:

Macaroni Salad:

Herb-infused Berry Salad:

Self-Care Suggestion Box:

Stephanie: Your own summer reading and swap with a friend

Elizabeth: CBD oil for sleeping and anxiety relief

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00:59:54 7/15/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

It's an #AskTheExpert episode with Ali Craig, who shares all her industry insights, including...

  • her experience as a female executive in the wine industry
  • the real truth behind wine descriptions and varietal makeup
  • how to tell when a wine is past its prime
  • the best inexpensive "bang for your buck" wines out there
  • how restaurants are ripping you off on wine lists/pricing
  • best places to eat and drink in California
  • some amazing, lesser known wine brands and where to find them
  • great local wine shops to find high quality wines

Brands tasted: Kris Pinot Grigio, Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc, Boen Pinot Noir, Catena Malbec

Ali's expert opinion: Drink more of what YOU like. Don't let others tell you what your palate favors. Try other brands by asking questions at knowledgeable local wine shops with great selection or your local Binny's. And gosh darnit, don't leave that wine open for too long! Cheers!

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01:04:15 7/7/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Wine of the Week: Duca Di Cardino, Rosso Di Montepulciano (NPR Wine Club)

Article Discussion:

Meredith Ethington, @pendingperfection

Recipe Box: The Best Banana Cake I've Ever Had, Sally's Baking Addiction:

Self-Care Suggestion Box:

Moms: Escape by walking your dog

Kids: "Run around and drink water" :)

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00:25:07 6/23/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Pass the Pod Love: Mom After Hours

Wine of the Week: Boom Boom Syrah

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01:05:59 6/16/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Here's what we're watching!

New Obsession:

  • The Hills- New Beginnings (Season 2), MTV
  • I Shouldn't Be Alive (Animal Planet)
  • 127 Hours (film)

Nostalgic Gem:

  • Friends, The Reunion (HBO Max)
  • To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (Film, 1995)

Guilty Pleasure:

  • Seeking Sister Wife (TLC)
  • Sex and the City

Worthy Binge:

  • The Circle (Netflix)
  • Jamestown (Amazon)

Educational/Everyone Should Watch:

  • The Me You Can't See (Apple +)
  • The Last Cruise (HBO)
  • River Monsters (Animal Planet)
  • Ocean Mysteries (Amazon)

Kids' Show (That Isn't Annoying):

  • Beat Bugs (Netflix)
  • Troll Hunters: Tales of Arcadia (Amazon Prime)

Pass the Pod Love: Reality Life with Kate Casey

Recipe Box:

Self-Care Suggestion Box:

  • The impromptu neighborhood hang with minimal mess
  • Your Stronger Self Event, Mental Health Party-- June 23, 2021, 6:30 pm (visit @yourstrongerself on Instagram)

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00:47:56 6/8/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

We can't say that we have any answers for you in this one, but we sure can relate to you and are completely open to hearing how you feel about the ways COVID has affected you and your family. Remember, all your thoughts and feelings are valid!

Recipe Box:

Self-Care Suggestion Box:

  • Make-at-home meal kit and wine with a girlfriend
  • At-home spa night with TJ's lavender sea salt scrub

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01:01:00 5/26/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Want to get away?

5 Top Tips to an Easy Vacay:

  1. Make it easy on yourself.
  2. Add another couple of family to the mix.
  3. Don't give yourself a long driving time.
  4. Backpacks make quick, easy luggage for each kiddo.
  5. Bring wine.

6 Easy (and 1 Surprise) Vacation Ideas:

  1. Rent a cabin or condo in a fun town with any feature that's different from where you live. (VRBO)
  2. Go to a waterpark!
  3. Try camping (drive up, tent, or glamp it up)
  4. Take a trip to see relatives/friends in another state/city
  5. Take a driving/touring vacation if your kids can handle it
  6. Book a night at a local hotel or a staycation at your nearest metro area
  7. Concert tickets and Vegas baby, and leave the kids at home (umm WHAT)

Pass the Pod Love: The Line, New York Times

Wine of the Week: Artist's Red Blend, Cooper's Hawk

Recipe Box: Savory Chex Mix

Self-Care Suggestion Box: Moms-- lunch by yourself, Dads-- noise-canceling headphones


Thanks for hanging out with us, and come sip with us again!

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00:46:29 5/19/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Dustin gives us plenty of tips and tricks in this episode. To highlight a few:


Frozen bags of fruit, vinegar wash to keep berries fresher for longer, and separate/rinse/roll lettuce leaves for storage


  1. Use what you have! Substitute ingredients.
  2. "Chef up" basic foods, and keep the basics on hand: rice, beans, meat, pasta
  3. Use larger/more effectively packaged meats to be used more than once
  4. Shop local
  5. Shop seasonally
  6. Clean as you go
  7. Use ageing produce to make soup (and reduce waste)
  8. Don't stress yourself out about having everything on hand all the time

Got a picky eater? Patience, Exposure, Education

Pass the Pod Love: "What's Gaby Cooking in the Wild"

00:48:11 5/12/2021
Modern Domestic Moms

Wine of the Week: Spritzy Rosé, Coopers Hawk

Pass the Pod Love: Good Inside with Dr. Becky, Band of Mothers Podcast

Recipe Box: It's Mother's Day! Order out!

Self-Care Suggestion Box:

  • Say NO! Don't go driving all over to celebrate all the OTHER moms. Draw the boundary and take the day for yourself.
  • Have your tarot read by Madam Adam
  • Check on your feet and hair... maybe it's time for an appointment!
00:48:42 5/5/2021

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