Opochtli Podcast #137 - Drinking and Driving at 11:00 AM

This podcast is has various comedic, interesting, & entertaining topics but my goal is to focus on the history of the Indigenous people of the American continent that was lost or stolen from history or hardly ever talked about. Opochtli is also known as the 'Left Handed One' or 'He who divides the Waters' in Nahuatl which is the Aztec's native language.

00:23:00 12/4/2019

Past Episodes

omw to work on this 18 degree farenheit day acting like everything is okay
00:16:16 12/17/2019
Short podcast today because I want to listen to Smile Bitch by Lil Duval before work: https://youtu.be/9CDpQcNSO0Q
00:10:31 12/12/2019
just a random discussion on giving strangers rides
00:20:00 12/11/2019
just omw to work on this beautiful inversionless day
00:18:59 12/10/2019
just omw for OT in Silent Hill, Utah recounting stories from high school
00:16:00 12/7/2019
just looking back at 12/5/2018 when I was rear ended by a negligent driver and failed by the local police department.. omw to work again
00:25:25 12/5/2019
I tried nba 2k20, happy Thanksgiving weekend!
00:18:00 11/27/2019
redoing episode #135 since podbean crashed and deleted the episode-- Happy Thanksgiving Week!
00:14:07 11/26/2019

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