"Öga for Öga" - S2E7 of "The Umbrella Academy"

Five is on a mission, the Swedes are on the hunt, there's more drama on the farm and The Shaver Brothers talk about it all as they recap "Öga for Öga".

Sir Reginald's Monocle - An "Umbrella Academy" Podcast
01:16:16 8/15/2020

Past Episodes

Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
On this bonus episode, The Shaver Brothers introduce their new podcast about the Amazon Original Series, "The Boys".
01:26:05 9/8/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
The Hargreeves Family is in hot water after the JFK assassination and there's trouble on Sissy's farm. The Shaver Brothers are here to wrap up the amazing second season of Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy".
01:26:47 8/21/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
JFK is about to roll into town, the two Fives are entering "Stage 7" and Vanya is about to go boom. The Shaver Brothers are here to break down all the action, in "743".
01:21:17 8/19/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
Five has a new plan to save the world... but, there are some side effects. Klaus arrives on the scene to help Allison and Ray, while Diego learns more about the apocalypse and The Commission. The Shaver Brothers, as usual, have thoughts.
01:16:56 8/17/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
Dave visits Klaus at the compound, Allison shows Ray the perks of her powers and the Hargreeves kids finally get some face time with dad. The Shaver Brothers talk about all that and more.
00:54:28 8/13/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
It's getting CRAZY in 1963 Dallas! Pogo's origin story, Swedes on the hunt and the usual Hargreeves family drama. The Shaver Brothers are back to sort it all out, in episode 5.
00:56:27 8/11/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
On this episode, we follow the Hargreeves siblings as they continue to search for answers and head towards their "reunion" with Sir Reginald, Diego has an encounter with Grace, and we begin to learn more about the Handler's plans.
01:01:25 8/9/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
"The Swedish Job" brings us more Hargreeves reunions, trouble with the Ikea Mafia and more family apocalypse drama than The Shaver Brothers can handle. Let's talk about it.
01:03:11 8/7/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
In "The Frankel Footage", the Hargeeves siblings are beginning to reunite in 1963 Dallas and The Shaver Brothers are here to talk about it.
00:48:14 8/5/2020
Sir Reginald's Monocle - An
The Netflix Original Series "The Umbrella Academy" is back for season two and off to an exciting start! The Shaver Brothers are back to react, break down and go deep on each episode.
00:47:56 8/3/2020

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