In this episode my friend David West AKA Jabez (Instagram @realdavidwest) joins me as we talk about our friendship, our music careers, and his family's upcoming missions trip.

The Fellaship
01:02:20 3/25/2019

Past Episodes

The Fellaship
The Fellaship is BACK! Damian Sanchez AKA Damo joins The Fellaship as we talk about his roots in hip-hop and his latest mixtape "Look Deep". Damo is part of the rap group "L.i.D.z" and has been doing music since the age of 15. Check out Damian on Instagram @cosmo.monroe and download his latest project "Look Deep" on or
00:00:00 3/31/2020
The Fellaship

On this week's show, Lead Pastor of Thrive Church in Elk Grove, CA, Pastor Hector Gutierrez discuss hoe vital it is to be connected to the right people in the midst of hard times. 

00:38:00 7/29/2019
The Fellaship

On this Episode my Pastor, Sergio Limon (IG: @elevate1) of Elevate Life Church in Sacramento joins me as we break down why honor is so important in fellaship. Make sure to check out Elevate Life Church Podcast to hear more great content from Pastor Sergio

00:41:15 7/2/2019
The Fellaship

In this episode I get some time to talk with Pastor Cruz Ramirez Jr. (IG: @cruzramirezjr) of Abundant Living Faith Center about the importance of being connected to the church. 

00:14:53 6/19/2019
The Fellaship

While on my missions Trinidad, I had a chance to catch up with my good friend Jesse Mc Barrow AKA "JWVE" (• IG: • FB: • FB: We talked about how being connected to the church has impacted his life, his music, and his upcoming Album "Kultyah Shock".

Check the Latest Music video from JWVE on YOUTUBE:

00:32:29 5/27/2019
The Fellaship

 Something that I recently realized is that I am passionate about fellaship because it is something that I have seen my entire life. In this interview I talk to my uncle, Pastor Carlos Serra, about a fellaship that started even before him. Pastor Carlos worship Pastor at Thrive Church in Elk Grove, CA.

00:44:28 5/21/2019
The Fellaship

Pastor Andrew Mason (Instagram:_andrewsmason) joins me as we talk about what fellaship looks like in the every day life of a believer. 

00:41:06 4/22/2019
The Fellaship

In this episode I have my childhood youth pastor and long time mentor and friend Pastor Alfredo "Chito" Rosado (instagram @pastorchito) on the show. We talk about fellaship growing up in church, Having strict parents, fellaship in the prison where Chito is a Chaplin.

01:10:08 4/8/2019
The Fellaship

This is the first "Guide to Fellaship" episode of the podcast. These are practical tools to the how and why to building Fellaship that will change your life!

 3 Reasons Fellaship is crucial to your life!

00:07:02 4/2/2019
The Fellaship

On 3.14 My Wife (@aubreeserra) and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We had a nice dinner, went to dessert then did a podcast. We talk a little about our story, our relationship before marriage and what Fellaship looks like in the marriage context. 

01:12:16 3/14/2019

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