Have you ever met a women so evil you thought no one could be worse than her?! Yeah, well us Daddy's take the cake! We deal with those evil moms who alienate their children from the most impactful individual in their life, and those broken family court systems who allow them to keep going. Come listen to me talk about how to reduce the burden of alienation from your stepchild's life and keep your family sane and strong through it all.

"Deadbeat" Daddy Podcast
00:18:46 1/6/2023

Past Episodes

Despite being sick as I am, I couldn't leave my fans hanging! Our episode on sibling alienation is out now with a trigger warning. As hard as this topic may be, it's crucial to be discussed!

00:18:11 4/16/2023

In today's episode we are going to talk about why Bonus Moms or Stepmoms who a lot of times are the better Mom for a child. Aside from the blatant druggy alcoholic moms there are plenty of moms who border the line of emotional abuse and neglect in many other ways that are often overlooked by the family law system.

00:30:07 2/10/2023

Bringing you a part two due to high demands around this being a fan fav topic

00:23:46 2/5/2023

Today's episode is one I'm extremely passionate about. Child mutha fucking support yall. Ahhh the elephant in the room no dad likes to discuss or truly think about. And why would they or why should they?! Unpopular opinion but child support is for ACTUAL deadbeat dads not the active ones carrying an unjustified label! In the day and age we live in there is absolutely no reason a "BM" can't have her own decent income, home or living space, and provide for the child. When I say this to you I am not saying Dad gets off scott free. In fact, Dad's should be providing 50% of what the child or children's needs are. But that does not mean you get handed hundreds of dollars to do whatever with. That's the issue so many men have and the system does nothing to make sure these children actually receive what they deserve.

00:25:14 1/20/2023

Children of single parents have been through it all. Their loyalties are completely divided. They've been traumatized by their parents' marriage or lack of. Their family is broken, and they didn't ask for this. The child is grieving in their own way, and grieving is powerful. You don't know how they're going to react, and maybe they're projecting in a certain way that really has nothing to do with you. This episode is a really great segment on BMs and their love for toxic relationships as well as how tough of a job it is to be a stepmom/stepparent.

00:19:59 1/13/2023

We are doing a very special episode this week. We're raising awareness for two amazing kids Maya and her brother. They've been ripped from their Father and other family members by an abusive Mother and a corrupt state system who is legally forcing the kids from their safe and healthy parent into an undisclosed location at a reunification camp with their abusive Mother.

There are soooo many things wrong with what you are about to hear and any amount of support will help. Please attend the rally's, and SHARE SHARE SHARE this inhumane deliberate attempt to unify children with their abuser.

Reunification camps should not only be abolished but illegal! Especially when you are withholding children from school and their livelihood. This is what I mean when I say children and fathers are IGNORED!!! Their word against their mothers holds little to no value - even when the mother is the culprit behind the alleged abuse. Why?! Again, because you spread your legs and carry the child doesn't make you the best parent. In fact, Dad's are doing a much better job at parenting than most Mother's because Father's have the ability to set aside emotion and parent. Especially when the going gets rough and their kids are taken from them. They show resiliency and strength that many many women can never have.

Unpopular opinion but Dad's matter more if not the same as Mom's!!! 💙

Come listen to a special mini episode dedicated to Maya and the strength she's displayed as a teenager in fighting her abuser, this corrupt system, all while being her brothers support each step of the way.

00:10:51 1/10/2023

Welcome back deadbeats! This episode is dedicated to those Dads we all know best - the ones with BMs that love to cause drama. Whether the drama is with the dad, girlfriend, stepmom, grandma etc. we all know the BM feeds off making someone miserable because that's in their nature. Yes, I am calling it like I see it, most if not all BM's that are bitter or miserable enjoy creating drama because it's for their own pure enjoyment.

00:28:20 1/1/2023

Welcome back for some more raw unfiltered feedback on defeating the bitter babymomma!

00:01:07 12/29/2022

Our first episode is out and talks about parenting and parenting-time. We offer advice/tips and get into the ugly truths of how many children suffer at the hands of bitter parents.

00:24:57 12/28/2022

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