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Hidden deep within Sierra Leone, West Africa is a tribe of lion shape-shifters who have survived for centuries undetected by the human world. Lance Harrold, a geologist from Austin, Texas, getting separated from his research team in the plains, ends up deep in the Sehki pride's territory. A lioness spots him, and sensing something familiar about him, she saves him from another lioness. The last thing he remembers before going into shock is that the lioness that saved him had blue eyes.

When he wakes up hours later in a hospital in Freetown, he sees those same blue eyes staring back at him, only they belong to the beautiful Dr. Leonessa Kamara. Now Lance is determined to discover the truth about Leonessa, but what he finds out will change his life and hers forever.

Mahogany Says
00:52:40 12/5/2019

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Mahogany Says
Meet Contemporary Romance Author Kristen Morgen! Her best-selling book, Behind The Glass, tells the story of Michael and Rebecca's extraordinary love and the many unconventional stages their relationship must go through. Their morals and faith in true love and in each other will be put to the test as they learn that meeting one's soul mate does not come without obstacles.
00:43:22 3/31/2020
Mahogany Says
If you love mystery, suspense and crime novels, you will love this episode! Intrigue, suspense and more! Get in on the action, you don't want to miss this! Carlo's latest novel is The Rise of Chloe: A Cavazutti Crime Novel.

His first novel, Showdown in Beantown: A Cavazutti Crime Novel, A retired police detective now private investigator, Carlo Cavazutti, must help a sexy African American femme fatale in trouble with the Albanian Mafia. He enlists the help of his friends, Sly Greene, a shady club owner with political connections, a former DEA director, a Special Ops guy and a deadly female assassin. They plot with Carlo to take down the Albanian threat for good, but a traitor within their midst could mean the end of Carlo's life. Who will survive?
00:58:00 3/24/2020
Mahogany Says
Continuing with the Lunchtime Chronicles Series, our special guest will be Siera London, romance author and creator of the series. She is a USA Today best-selling author and her newest release for season two of the Lunchtime Chronicles is Prime Ripped. Whipped and Thick Cut. London crafts stories of diverse characters, navigating the challenges and triumphs to find lasting love.
00:59:39 3/13/2020
Mahogany Says
More with the ladies of the Lunchtime Chronicles, L.Loren and Xyla Turner! We will discuss the new releases this week, Drunch and Bottoms Up.
01:00:06 3/6/2020
Mahogany Says
The Lunchtime Chronicles are here! Meet Reana Malori and Two of the authors from the Lunchtime Chronicles on February 27th at 8pm EST! You know we have to have dessert first with Blackberry Pie by Reana Malori. Let's meet the Lunchtime Ladies and see what's being Served by Brooklyn Knight!
01:03:31 2/27/2020
Mahogany Says
New author Kryst Ashly brings some steamy and dreamy drama to the romance genre with her book Tempted To Stay.

When Trace Williams, a handsome and enigmatic outsider, meets a sexy stranded wanderer, Leslie Whitaker, sparks fly between them and the guarded southern bachelor doesn't stand a chance! When he offers her a one-night stand, no strings attached, Leslie agrees, especially since she doesn't plan on staying around.

Entanglements never end well for Trace and Leslie comes from a past that forces her to keep everyone at arm's length. It's the only kind of relationship they will commit to... as long as they follow the rules. Will they be able to resist each other, or will to stay?
01:02:21 2/10/2020
Mahogany Says
Join us as we talk to Urban Fiction Author Jay Phoenix and his Twin Deadly Angels. Learn what inspired him to write, what new projects he is working on and his crossover into fantasy books. Author/Radio Show Host/Promoter Katara Johnson will talk about her WIP and her radio show on the Tru Network. All this and more on the Mahogany Says Show!
01:30:11 2/1/2020
Mahogany Says
What do you do when life happens, hard decisions have to , or difficult situations occur? Do you fold, make thoughtless choices, accept defeat, or prepare? We live in a world where everyday situations—from peer pressure, tradition, religion, missing figures, jealousy, lack of guidance, insecurities, fear, doubt, and just not knowing—can be so trying; playing a role in the direction we take in life.

Shanovia understands this firsthand, as she has learned from personal experience that the very encouragement and will to change must first come from within. In her book, Priceless Treasures, she shares the intimate notes she used to reflect, correct, and support herself in doing better, being better, and making better decisions.
01:00:15 1/29/2020
Mahogany Says
Get the scoop on romance and paranormal authors Trisha Harley McCarthy and K.C. Freeman as they discuss their books and give their tips on self-publishing!
01:00:42 1/7/2020
Mahogany Says
Let's party on the last day of the decade with authors Lawrence Hall and Larry Yoke! We will talk about their new releases and the secrets to their success! We will close out this decade with some laughs, memories, new releases and New Year resolutions! Happy New Year's EVE!
01:00:45 1/7/2020

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