Josh VS Joshua 5-31-2019 On today's show...... Gratitude, A Powerful Devotional, Fascinating News Stories, and more... Episode 1, here we go! We are LIVE from Josh VS Joshua page on, and being broadcast worldwide on the Binge networks on Apple TV, Amazon FIre, ROKU and all of your favorite podcast networks!

Josh VS Joshua
00:55:39 5/30/2019

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Josh VS Joshua
"Gifts, Death by Plastic, Skid Row in LA, Censored News stories, A Project For A New American Century" This Episode of Josh VS Joshua is brought to you by Vitamin Pitch Patch Club- Joy's Organics' CBD- and NEW U LIFE HGH and KETO The Broadcast I give myself permission..... On today's show, a devotional, Global Decline in Rule of Law as Basic Human Rights Diminish, How Plastic In The Ocean Impacts Our Health, Skid Row Squaller, and the Project for a New American Century..... DO Something Devotional
01:07:58 6/3/2019

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