Jet city Records is an independent record label formed by a group of local artists, videographers, composers and so much more. When this group of talented men came together with a plan and combined all of their talents, Jet City Records was born. 

Keeping It Cultured
00:20:00 4/30/2019

Past Episodes

Keeping It Cultured

Villain Tv is known for their raw screenplays and gritty movies. The man behind the magic is an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter and videographer. But his talents don’t end there, listen to this interview for some really interesting knowledge and how Villain Tv grew from small low budget films to famed actors and full movies that you can stream now on Amazon Prime! 

00:21:12 4/30/2019
Keeping It Cultured

Litos aka Vato Rich is an independent artist from Winnipeg, he’s done many shows and has several hit singles that you can stream on itunes and Spotify. This future Reggaeton artist plans to surprise Winnipeg with a new Spanish album and his very first singing debut! Listen to this episode of Keeping It Cultured as Litos gives me a breakdown of Winnipeg’s thriving hip-hop community. 

00:26:29 3/21/2019
Keeping It Cultured

Peter Jackson is not only an srtist but the CEO of 90 NickelEntertainment, an international booking company. The Toronto rapper is constantly bringing famous and well-known artists to perform in cities all across Canada. Peter Jackson has proved his amazing talent on stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. In this episode of Keeping It Cultured he talks about married life, gives great advice about industry business and tells us exclusive details about his upcoming international tour. 

00:33:33 3/20/2019
Keeping It Cultured

Welcome to Keeping it Cultured with Nicole Spence. For now, please connect with us on our social media accounts. More details on the launch of the podcast worldwide is coming soon. 





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