Interview w/ Hip Hop Artist & Entrepreneur, Nicholas May

Interview w/ Chicago Hip Hop Artist & Entrepreneur, Nicholas May. Listen to his latest single, Kill Bill 🔥🔥; We talk entrepreneurship, music & staying authentic to your true self.

The Media Lounge
00:29:22 7/8/2019

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The Media Lounge
Jesse Lynn Madera chats with Selene about her latest EP, "Come Visit Soon", what it was like being mentored by renowned father of Rock "n" Roll Johnnie ("B. Goode") Johnson, her next project, and even shares that her son was featured in the latest episode of Queen of The South, the Netflix drama that features her husband, Hemky Madera. *This episode features a snippet of the song "Amsterdam" with permission granted by the artist. A full version of the song can be streamed on music streaming platforms.
00:22:32 8/3/2019
The Media Lounge
Joined by the lovely Host of the Pillow Talk podcast, Robin E, - Selene & Robin talk about the Emmy Nominations, women entrepreneurs, Madonna and her cultural insensitive picture, #IceBae and real bodies!!
00:47:14 7/21/2019
The Media Lounge
Selene chats with Motivational Speaker and Host of the newly launched podcast, Food for Thought w/ Marcell Fitzgerald. Marcell talks about how his upbringing on the West-Side of Chicago and his humble beginnings have made him into the person that he is today, and how that experience has inspired him to give back to others by inspiring, collaborating and sharing good energy!
00:20:35 7/17/2019
The Media Lounge
I miss talking to you guys! And yesss, I met Jimmy Garoppolo, starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers, & I looked cray!! However, he confirmed that he is ready for the new season!! JCOLE, COMMON & NAS NEW MUSIC!!
00:25:42 7/5/2019
The Media Lounge
CEO of Green Flower Media, Max Simon, talks about the booming cannabis industry, the many new business opportunities and his new podcast, Green Flower Nation.
00:16:44 7/3/2019
The Media Lounge
Sex trafficking is the modern day slavery and is more common than we know! Suzanne Baker Brown, Executive Director of Stepping Stones Network talks to us about the reality of sexual trafficking. Suzanne shares statistics, provides insight on the industry, and shares with us who is at risk and what tactics are used by traffickers. A MUST LISTEN!
00:27:26 6/29/2019
The Media Lounge
Known for his roles in The Incredible Hulk, Wall Street, The Falcon & the Snowman, Mr. Kill & his latest HBO tv show "Barry", Selene chats with tv and film star Sam Ingraffia. The Chicago native talks about his latest YouTube series, Amazing Return of Sal & Junior. Having worked alongside many of the greats such as Sean Penn, Danny DeVito & Alicia Silverstone, this tv/film star is currently working on 2 additional films slated to be released later this year!
00:17:31 6/28/2019
The Media Lounge
Dr. & Author JL Ruiz talks about his real life experience and that of others that has inspired him to write his novel, Irreversible Damage, the story of a U.S. born Mexican-American living in a wealthy neighborhood who goes through an unfortunate series of events that not only tear apart her family, but also leave her at standing at a crumbling precipice.
00:19:23 6/21/2019
The Media Lounge
Roll Red Roll is a true-crime thriller that goes behind the headlines to uncover the deep- seated and social media-fueled "boys will be boys" culture at the root of high school sexual assault in America. Director & Producer Nancy expands on the true story of the 2012 rape case of Jane Doe, how social media played a role in the case, and what she wishes her audience to take away from this "bone chilling" documentary.
00:16:01 6/16/2019
The Media Lounge
Interview w/ Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, Rocky Bucano. Rocky Bucano shares all about the ongoing project for the museum that is slated to open in the Bronx, NY in 2023, on 50th year anniversary of Hip Hop. He touches on Nas' & Mary J Blige's involvement in the project, what exhibits we should expect to see as it relates to the 4 elements of Hip Hop, & how you can get involved. *Music by Fatel Flows
00:23:18 6/9/2019

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