I'm Just Sayin' Bruh...We Weren't Offended!

In this episode, we discuss the Dave Chappelle special, and the Kyrie vaccine hold-up.

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
00:54:30 10/14/2021

Past Episodes

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys talk about the ending to Dexter: New Blood, Corey hasn't seen Ozark yet so they can't spoil it and they talk about the excellent divisional round of NFL playoffs.
01:01:53 1/27/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
They guys give you a joint episode between the I'm Just Sayin Bruh Podcast and the Oh Fo Podcast . Yes, it's late, but there were some technical problems with getting the show out. With all that being said the episode is here for you to enjoy. If you would like to hear the uncensored version, head on over to the Oh Fo Podcast to listen.
01:58:54 1/17/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Happy New Year from the hosts of the I'm Just Sayin' Bruh Podcast!!!
01:14:06 1/7/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys talk randomly about baseball movies, Spider-Man: No Way Home (sort of) and more!
00:47:02 12/23/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Nancy Reagan...thats it...thats the description.
01:19:46 12/16/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Marice gets lost during the episode. The guys congratulate Coach Prime and the Jackson State Tigers on winning the SWAC Championship. Corey and Greg try to persuade Marice to watch True Story.
01:17:31 12/9/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys are back from their Thanksgiving break and ready to tackle some NFL talk. Thank you guys for continuing to listen to 3 regular guys talk about nothing each episode.
01:08:21 12/2/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
For this week we brought in Dorran and made it a joint episode. We talk about Asians at the gas pump, staying clean, and just like it was mentioned on The Oh Fo Podcast, poopy pants Biden!
01:50:34 11/18/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys give you a long episode talking about Aaron Rodgers, Travis Scott and a little video game talk.
01:45:47 11/13/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Marice comes up with a new disorder. What are the Saints gonna do? Whats up with Deion's foot?
00:48:02 11/4/2021

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