Join Bella for this weeks episode discussing the impact of nostalgia, the importance of continually reflecting and upgrading your life and the uncomfortable feelings that arise from this continual process. In this episode Bella provides you with step by step instructions on how to identify the areas in life you're struggling and how you can make actionable change to become the person YOU want to become. Hope you enjoy listening Bella xo 

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You've Got Mail
00:44:40 8/9/2021

Past Episodes

You've Got Mail
From outfit inspo and snack requirements to the free at a festival mindset, this episode really has it all. Join me, Bella. as I share everything I have learnt from my weekend at Creamfields, one of the Uk's biggest 4 day bank holiday festivals. Remember to rate, review and subscribe if you enjoy this episode! Find me on Instagram at youvegotmail_pod P.S The podcast I mentioned is called The Tab Talk :)
00:34:07 9/2/2021
You've Got Mail
Join Bella as this week she discusses friendships and everything related to them. This episode covers how to maintain and cultivate a good friendship group, toxic friendships, the dangers of co-dependency and loneliness. Remember to subscribe to this podcast to receive regular updates and follow us on instagram: youvegotmail_pod Love Bella xo
00:43:46 8/19/2021
You've Got Mail

Are you obsessively productive? Do you always need to be ticking stuff off your to do list? Then this episode is for you. Join Bella as she discusses the dangers of being overly productive and shares advice on how to utilise this characteristic for your own benefit. Remember to rate, subscribe and leave a review! Bella xo

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00:27:56 7/29/2021
You've Got Mail

Welcome to the first episode of You've Got Mail! This week, Bella discusses the highs and low of graduating university and gives advice on how to adjust to living at home. We hope you enjoy the podcast and if you do please remember to rate and leave a review on apple podcasts! 

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Thanks for listening, Bella xoxo

00:27:05 7/17/2021

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