Having A Cuppa with Michael Joiner (Actor and Stand Up Comedian)

On HAC, Chris travels to the State of Missouri, where he joins up with valuable character actor and comedy veteran Michael Joiner.

Michael has enjoyed much success as a stand up comic with his own edgy brand of clean comedy and also burst onto the screen in the 2010's as the lead and character player in numerous faith-based independent productions, of which, The Grace Card is the most prominent.

The two share their mutual experiences in the industry and Michael speaks on his unwavering Faith in the moral-less realm that is Hollywood.

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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
00:46:53 3/29/2023

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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
Marking the return of APX, Chris sits down with Marty Packer, the renegade outlaw philosopher and music-and-motorcycle aficionado, better known online as The Savage Gentleman.Marty has a mind few would kill to possess and provides an in-depth insight into the much-maligned "Red Pill - Theory." He also expounds on his past, growing up lower-class in Idaho, joining the military and also speaks on the function (and DYS-function) of politics in the world today.Check out Marty's brand new podcast, PERSPECTIVES on Spotify and YouTube, if you can't get enough!!! #redpill #motorcycling #savagegentleman #perspectivespodcast #apexpredator
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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
In the newest episode of Getting Uncaged, Chris expounds on being knocked down 9 times, getting back up 10. He tackles victim mentality, the real definition of the Us vs Them - mentality, utilising the IDGAF - muscle (pioneered by entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian) and also sets the record straight about how to program one's mind to move forward and not backward. He also tells a couple of uncomfortable truths about people who used victim mentality for their own selfish gain i.e - Kevin Spacey's recent acquittal and also holding one another accountable. #apexpredator #victimmentality #dontcare
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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
On APX, Chris sits down to have a chat with Carolyn Deck - Kiwi-born, Aussie-made and US-centric. Carolyn has been up, down-under and all around with her life in and out of air travel and has been independent, raising boys as a single parent and has now compiled her experiences, along with her faith as a Christian in her new book, Above The Turbulence. The two talk faith, leadership and also share a hearty and lighthearted spin about the communal passion of rugby. #faith #rugby #travel #abovetheturbulence #apexpredator
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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
On APX, Chris welcomes recurring guest Erin Dawn to the show. Erin has been a voice shouting in the wilderness in aid of mental health stigma, herself being diagnosed as bipolar Type 2. However, she has used her mind and her mouth to create a podcast of her own, which has enjoyed immediate success amongst film buffs - Manic Movie Monday Podcast. The two talk about the ups-and-down of mental health conditions and also play off one another on their love of movie nostalgia. #mentalhealth #movienostalgia #apexpredator
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The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
On APX, Chris is joined by the preeminent Dr. Robb Kelly PhD. Dr. Kelly is, like his title, founder and proprietor of the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, which consistently delves into the origins of addiction and addictive behaviour to provide a present continuous solution to destructive thoughts and the like. Apart from his dual-doctorates, he has also specialised in neuroscience, NLP, Brain Spotting and Somatic Experience. The Good doc shares his thoughts on approaching the dark side head-on and the two also delve into parts of recent, as well as underworld history. #neuroscience #mind #recovery #whatmattersmost #apexpredator
00:52:10 7/10/2023
The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
In this edition of APX's Getting Uncaged, Chris gets up close and personal about men, whom need to take their place as The PRIZE. Men can Protect and Provide, which equals to creating presence and demanding respect. Maintaining an athletic figure and remaining booksmart can make you a lethal weapon. Chris also lifts the veil on many, whom adopt autocratic leadership and how that will be the foundation of disaster. #theprize #legacy #whatmattersmost Get 10% off your next purchase of JockoFuel - https://store.jockofuel.com/?ref=chris
00:23:28 5/8/2023
The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
On APX's Getting Uncaged, Chris talks sternly on overcoming bad days.We all experience them, but these days in question, are a measuring stick to prove your leadership capabilities as an employee, or entrepreneur and as a husband and a father. Chris also shares practical tips on how to navigate this territory more effectively and in the process grow your legacy. #GodlyMasculinity #overcomefailure #overcomeadversity
00:26:52 5/4/2023
The Apex Predator with Chris Nell
In the second interview show of APX, Chris meets Joe Whittaker from the UK, whom has an extensive portfolio in personal health, dieting as well as continuous scientific research into well-being and holistic remedies. His work has been featured in The New York Times, MailOnline and Yahoo!News. He talks about the decline in testosterone since the start of the 21st Century, the pros of having testosterone raging through the system and the delicate balance between functional versus more natural medicines. #testosterone #holisticremedies #physicalhealth
00:30:01 4/24/2023

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