Episode 9 - On Equality and the Jordon Wolfson Documentary

In which our hosts discuss issues of identity and equality (note this was taped on May 17 prior to the BLM protests) and on the newly released documentary on Jordan Wolfson.

The Death of Meaning
01:18:08 6/13/2020

Past Episodes

The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts cover everything from changing curriculums in higher education, the new social discourse, the issue of looming evictions and homelessness in LA and beyond, the libertarian politics of science labs, the niche perspectives of a best friend's fiancÚ and QAnon conspiracies, the pandemic's effect on art market sensibilities, the end of Gavin Brown's enterprise and why Gladstone's move is not consolidation, Alex Katz vs Leon Golub, and Arnold Schoenberg made some playing cards. Recorded August 6
01:18:38 8/13/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts discuss museums' lack of risk taking, the enduring interest in Richard Serra and the poverty of his drawing practice, the case for multiples and prints, embarrassing musical tastes (i.e. techno) from Jonathan's college days, research practices both new and old, and one more time around the bend on quantum mechanics not being anything close to a 'belief' system and just another well-founded piece of science. Recorded May 27.
01:30:19 6/15/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts discuss their changing attitudes toward the quarantine, the end of authenticity part two, sincerity as the historical option, solitude and monkish seclusion as social good, and Camilla discovers a hidden branch to her family tree.
01:01:25 5/11/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts talk about going to the hospital during a pandemic, the needless destruction of beef and cattle because of a supply chain breakdown and other regulatory disasters, one of the best profiles of an art critic ever written (and it has nothing to do with writing or art), and a stab at the future to come when authenticity will be shed for something new.
01:21:14 5/9/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts discuss severed hands that never belonged to their owners, Jonathan's daughter's singing talent, Brad Troemel as the anti-Jerry Saltz, why galleries need to be better capitalized and buy their artists' works (or any artists' works), the fact that artists who have built ATM careers (minting money in the studio) need to step up in the current crisis, and museums need to sell some art to backstop the humanity that is more important than the stuff they house.
01:23:04 4/15/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts talk about the lingering effects of the quarantine on all aspects of their lives, from what they are reading (bad philosophy) to their families (drive-bys at the hospital) to the markets for art and stocks and other things (some of which are doing better than others).
01:23:38 4/10/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which Camilla talks about her father's being forced to sign a "COVID Waiver" when going to the hospital, the economics of shuttering the world, how the aforementioned shuttering is affecting the arts, how one art institution is raked across the coals of layoff land, and whether or not Jonathan can read Animal Farm to his seven-year old.
01:18:06 4/3/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which Covid-19 takes over the conversation as it does all things and our hosts talk about getting out and getting around town, the collapse of the markets, in art and morals, and how woke consciousness will survive the pandemic, though it's a question whether class consciousness will.
01:13:34 3/30/2020
The Death of Meaning
In which our hosts discuss Kinfolk magazine, the notion of Premiocre, the writers and magazines who write about these things; myths of intentionality; pre-Goop; Kenny Schachter's escapades as an art dealer, father, and marrying up, none of which are detailed in his self-authored account of his love affair with the scoundrel Inigo Philbrick; and the passing of Paul Kasmin, dealer and gallerist who wasn't afraid of decoration and design.
01:13:06 3/24/2020
The Death of Meaning
A pod born of COVID-19, earnestness on Instagram (in the Artworld), and the too early loss of a dear, dear friend and industry mensch, Peter Loughrey, founder of Los Angeles Modern Auctions (to cancer, age 52).
01:13:14 3/21/2020

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