Episode 89: Hayley of lady lackeys returns!

We're closing out the year & JUST in time for your Christmas listening pleasure with another, Carolla digital crossover spectacular! We're Joined by everyone's favorite taco bell enthusiast, Hayley, After the initial catching up, we get into her new gig, Robby dishes out a taco bell pop quiz, & we find out her favorite Christmas pageants, films, & songs. After her departure, we take a DEEP dive on everyone's favorite TV Doctor, Dr. Quinn medicine woman!

Endless Ranters
01:43:31 12/20/2021

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Endless Ranters
Sup y'all? Producer mole man here with your episode run down :Chris is M.I.A. & we're joined by one of the show's founders, Jaiden! We catch up with him & find out about the time Robbie tried to go into business with THE wu-tang clan! Like, rate, subscribe, & share our show with everyone you know.
01:03:18 4/26/2022
Endless Ranters
What is up, peeps? Producer mole man here with your episode run down: WE RECORDID THIS ON 4/20 SO ITS ALL WEED TALK BABY! Thanks for listening & tell all your friends about us.
01:24:07 4/21/2022
Endless Ranters
Hey y'all, sup? Producer mole man here with the episode rundown. We get to know our sister in ranting arms, Elizabeth R. We delve into her Carolla origin story, what she does for a living, & how she spends her free time. Oh & we also take a deep dive into cults! Thanks for listening, & tell all your friends about us after you rate, review, & show us some love.
01:45:19 4/13/2022
Endless Ranters
Hey y'all, sup? Producer mole man with another episode description for you to ignore. On this installment we catch up with the ranters & what they got into during their 2 week hiatus. Lots of vacation talk, plenty of tangents, & we also find out Rob has some questionable taste when it comes to ordering tacos. Tune in to find out & dont forget to rate, review, & spread the word about our little endeavor.
01:10:31 4/10/2022
Endless Ranters
'Sup with it, hoes? In case you haven't figured it out, Carolla drinks CEO & podcast host Lynette Carolla is joining us for our 100th episode. We get into some parenting talk, her early entertainment career, all things Carolla drinks & a few tales you may not have heard before. Oh & mole man starts us off on a very awkward note! Make sure to follow Lynette, Carolla drinks, & for crying out loud on their respective socials. Thanks for listening & supporting.
01:16:01 3/22/2022
Endless Ranters
Sup hoes? Producer mole man here to provide you with another episode rundown: We open up STRONG with some dick girth talk followed by the ins & outs of buffalo bill fandom. We keep the fandom theme going by taking a deep dive into Sean's Carolla origin story & hit him with some acehole trivia, And we round out the episode with some extensive Byron Allen takes. Don't forget to rate, review, & tell all your friends about us.
01:36:12 3/18/2022
Endless Ranters
Hey y'all, sup? Producer mole man here with this episodes rundown: We get into international women's day, a round of achievement day shout outs, & a break from the world's madness with some movie/tv show talk. Rate & follow us on all the socials & help this podcart grow!
01:38:23 3/9/2022
Endless Ranters
Todays episode was WEEKS in the making due to our guests' relentless work ethic but we love her more for it! Our resident baking acehole, Adrienne, joins us to discuss her love of ace man. Her baking origin story, her love for k-pop,, a harrowing public cancellation & how she bounced back without breaking a sweat. Show her some love by visiting cakestoday.com & satiate that sweet tooth of yours!
01:47:33 3/2/2022
Endless Ranters
On this episode the guys open at the top with some hot cosby documentary talk & quickly pivot left into a lengthy discussion about parenting. Chris catches us up on the Canadian trucker convoy & his recent golf outing. Robbie closes the show with a rant or two & a sick freestyle!
01:14:41 2/23/2022
Endless Ranters
We're keeping the crossover express rolling & hosting a one Miss Jennifer Lorch of lady lackeys, Carolla drinks, & some other show's you might've watched lately. Don't worry, we ask her about working on said shows, how she landed her roles, her favorite mythical creatures, & some light dating talk. Mole man throws a ridiculous hypothetical scenario her way & we also take a DEEP dive into the world of pyramid schemes.
01:34:39 2/16/2022

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