Warning: The content in today's episode might not be suitable for children.

The sisters chat through a very hard reality of Kristen's past, her shame around it and how she is working through it. Not only is vulnerability healing, she hopes sharing will inspire at least person not to keep their story hidden.

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Girl, I Slept in My Makeup
00:38:49 6/30/2021

Past Episodes

Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

The sisters are on a Summer Break from the Podcast and are here today for a quick update!

If you haven't listened to all their episodes, go back and listen to their podcast journey thus far and they will be back in September - get ready!

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00:12:25 8/4/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup
Today the sisters chat with Lindsay Staloff - Peterson: Entrepreneur, Advocator, Consultant, Producer, Location manager. CEO of HERO-Locations and CoFounder and CEO of PPCM Fund Inc.
PPCM Fund Inc. is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization founded by PPCM Survivors. They are dedicated to saving expecting mothers and making these life saving blood tests standard and mandatory since the BNP test is the ONLY test that will determine early diagnosis & prevent a catastrophe.
Lives are priceless & awareness saves! The Prevention is early diagnosis with the awareness of the NT-Pro BNP Test.

YouTube Channel


@PPCM Fund Inc. Facebook/Instagram

00:54:48 6/23/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

Today the sisters chat with Pastor and Worship Leader, Benjamin Thomas from Church Eleven 32!

Listen in to hear Pastor Ben's beautiful story to becoming a Pastor and chatting through a vulnerable story on forgiveness within the family and how powerful that can be!

Find Pastor Ben HERE

00:59:44 6/16/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

It had been too long since the sister's had a catch up, listen in for the latest on their lives, their grief and some fun stories from Lauren's 40th Birthday!

Get in Touch!

00:36:30 6/9/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

Today, Misty Tripoli is on the podcast, the founder of The World GROOVE, a movement that has inspired millions of people to dance their hearts out and reclaim their authenticity through physical movement and self-reflection.

Misty was an Elite Instructor for Nike for over 5 years and worked with companies like Reebok, Skechers, and YogaWorks. You won't want to miss her authentic, inspiring story that led her to start The World Groove Movement!

Find Misty Tripoli Here

Join us on a FREE 30 day Dance Challenge by downloading the Body Groove App

00:34:22 6/2/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

The sister's have Jamie K Bates on the podcast, podcaster (Backstage with Jamie K Bates), preacher, and missionary. They have a real and open conversation surrounding faith and church that you don't want to miss!

Jamie served as a missionary in Asia for several years and used her experience in the field to develop Missions at Church Eleven32, a program that started with sending high school students to Thailand for a month every summer and has now grown to sending hundreds of people of all ages to serve locally and globally as missionaries.

Jamie is also a gifted teacher and preacher, and has a passion to study the Word and communicate it to others.

Find Jamie and Church Eleven32 HERE

00:53:12 5/26/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

Today the sister's continue with Mental Health Awareness Month and chat with Dr. Sandy Gluckman, a learning, Behavior and Mood Specialist, Author, Educator and International Speaker.

Dr. Sandy Gluckman describes her quest as saving the next generation from a growing explosion of learning, behavior and mood problems. Her work is rooted in the science that shows that children will thrive when parents thrive. Dr Sandy empowers parents to raise healthy, resilient, confident children primed for success, by showing them how to first heal themselves.

Dr Gluckman is sought after for her expertise on a range of children's challenges such as Anxiety, Defiance, Emotional Resilience, Self-Worth, Screen Addiction, Stress as a Survival Mechanism and the Sensitive Child.

She is the founder of a private practice, Parenting That Heals, where she consults with couples, families and children. Dr Sandy's work is based on her unique blend of her studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology, woven together with her own insights and experience.

Dr Sandy is the author of, Parents Take Charge: Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Without Medication, and, Who's in the Driver's Seat: Leading with Spirit.

Contact Dr. Sandy

00:46:34 5/19/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

**This episode contains sensitive content that may not be suitable for children**

Today the sister's sit down with Parker Terlaak, Founder of identifyU, a mental wellness marketplace enabling simplicity, choice, and results when searching and receiving support from your professional confidant.

In this episode, Parker shares his own personal and powerful mental health story in order to provide hope and encouragement for those who may be struggling on their own journey to mental wellness.

Visit identifyU

Contact: parker.terlaak@gmail.com

01:01:36 5/12/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the sister's are kicking the month off with Dr. Lucy Underwood, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Texas and Colorado. She is the owner and executive director of Underwood Counseling & Consultation, PLLC based in McKinney, Texas, and has been working in the field of mental health for 27 years and specializing in trauma recovery and emotional wellness.

The sister's chat through some of their own therapy experiences, through their personal trauma and grief; and hope to spread awareness that therapy is for everyone!

Find Dr. Lucy: Website

00:43:12 5/5/2021
Girl, I Slept in My Makeup

Today's episode is supported by the morse code "until we meet again" bracelets that you have heard the sisters talk about often, check them out ~ Almost Famousa ~ use code: sleptinmymakeup for 15% off your order!

The sisters catch up on life, grief and talk about the Octopus Teacher Documentary, such a beautiful story of life and hope.

Keep in touch with the sisters here!

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00:33:56 4/28/2021

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