Episode 73: 1990's Home Alone and 1992's Home Alone 2 with special guests Stephen J. Holloran and DaveyA

Special guests Stephen J. Holloran, a UK-based actor and YouTuber, and DaveyA of the podcast I'd Give That 10 Minutes! both join me for a conversation about the first two - or as we say, the only two - Home Alone films. Fun facts, a trivia contest between them, plus the usual poll results, listener trivia segment, and shout-outs!

Silver Screeners
00:55:20 12/11/2022

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Silver Screeners
It's a Margot Robbie Best Picture nominee two-fer as her performances as Sharon Tate for Quentin Tarantino and as Barbie for Greta Gerwig come front and center! With her total Oscar nominations to date including two for acting (2017's I, Tonya and 2019's Bombshell) and one for producing (2023's Barbie), her Hollywood career is one that's on a hot streak. Plus, behind-the-scenes fun facts, poll results, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:40:58 2/24/2024
Silver Screeners
Twenty years after Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti teamed up for Sideways (Oscar win for Payne's screenplay), they've reunited for The Holdovers, which is currently up for 5 Oscars, including Best Supporting Actress for Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Best Leading Actor for Giamatti. (Plus, both films are Best Picture nominees!) Behind-the-scenes fun facts, poll results, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:37:55 2/12/2024
Silver Screeners
How is it that after 12 career Academy Award nominations to date, Bradley Cooper has yet to take to the podium? A look back at his first Oscar-nominated performance, 2012's Silver Linings Playbook, and his most recent, 2023's Maestro. Both films nominated for Best Picture, Best Leading Actor for the man of the hour, and Best Leading Actress for Jennifer Lawrence (a win) and Carey Mulligan, respectively. Plus, behind-the-scenes fun facts, poll results, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:38:59 2/5/2024
Silver Screeners
The beloved rom-com turns 35 this year. So have your slice of heated apple pie with the ice cream on the side as Carlo from The Movie Loot podcast returns to join me for a discussion about the Rob Reiner-directed, Nora Ephron-written quintessential love story in the movies. Listen in, and you too will be singing a karaoke version of "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" in front of Ira!!! Plus, poll results, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:46:33 1/29/2024
Silver Screeners
The backstage dramatics are the name of the game in these two scathingly brilliant, dry, satirical, and witty tales of the woes of a theater actress diva. Bette Davis and Annette Bening both earned Oscar nominations for All about Eve and Being Julia, respectively, for being unstoppable forces long after the final curtain call. And with Thelma Ritter and Jeremy Irons by their sides, these are battles of wills worthy of a standing ovation. Plus, behind-the-scenes fun facts, poll results, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:40:51 1/22/2024
Silver Screeners
In 1989, extended family was never funnier or more bittersweet on screen than it was when Ron Howard directed Steve Martin and an ensemble cast through the trials of precocious preschoolers, backtalking teens, marital tension, and wayward siblings in Parenthood, while John Candy was in peak form with the John Hughes comedy Uncle Buck, which rightfully remains a fan favorite. Plus, poll results, behind-the-scenes fun facts, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:36:09 1/15/2024
Silver Screeners
Pull up a glacier, have a seat, and chill out to these two decidedly winter-themed tales. An anthropologist is one of the few to see a revived Neanderthal as a human and not a test subject in the underrated sci-fi/fantasy drama Iceman, while three entitled college students learn the hard way that when you push the boundaries too much, it invites trouble in the 2010 thriller Frozen. Where's Olaf when you need him? Plus, poll results, behind-the-scenes fun facts, interactive trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:39:04 1/8/2024
Silver Screeners
Ring in 2024 with these two classic films from 1960! Billy Wilder once more defies the social standards of his era with a provocative look at adultery in the comedy-drama The Apartment (Best Picture Oscar) - will Jack Lemmon or Shirley MacLaine win the early New Year's morning game of gin rummy? And U.S. army veterans plan the perfect crime to get the cash from five separate Las Vegas casinos after the stroke of midnight on New Year's in the quintessential Rat Pack film Ocean's Eleven! Plus, poll results, interactive trivia, behind-the-scenes fun facts, and listener shout-outs! certain sound effects: YOUTUBE CHANNEL EVERYDAY CINEMATIC SOUNDS
00:38:03 1/1/2024
Silver Screeners
Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are the sizzle to the bacon of George Cukor's Holiday (1938), while Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black charm each other in the Nancy Meyers-written and directed The Holiday (2006). Return guests Max and Daniel of the Bitches with Beards Podcast join me in bringing on the merry with a look at both films. Plus, poll results, trivia, and listener shout-outs!
00:57:02 12/23/2023
Silver Screeners
The holiday season has given us many delightful films, but none as delightfully dubious as these. With good-natured affection, hear about these two flicks that are memorable, but perhaps, for some viewers (and in one case, their own leading actors!), not for the reasons they intended. Plus, behind-the-scenes fun facts, poll results, interactive, trivia, and listener shout-outs! Music: @fuzzeke
00:36:38 12/18/2023

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