Episode 68: Moon Knight Spoilers, Box Office and More...

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We talk about the full season of Moon Knight and our thoughts, we also talk about our money predictions and the new Obi-Wan Trailer!!

Comic Boys
01:13:25 5/9/2022

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Comic Boys

In episode 1 of our new series Hollywood in Canada, we interview Taylor Olson. Taylor Olson was the writer, director and star of the award nominated film Bone Cage.

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00:39:52 6/24/2022
Comic Boys
We talk about our spoiler filled thoughts on Doctor Strange.
00:58:37 5/7/2022
Comic Boys
We talk about all the announcements out of cinema con and talk about the recent trend of studios spoiling movies. Obviously we have to briefly recap the Thor 4 trailer and give our expert predictions to upcoming box office numbers.
01:19:45 5/3/2022
Comic Boys

Moon Knight Episode 1 Talk
Johnny Depp the GOAT and Other Great Debates
Terrible Oscars Talk
Other Movie Talks
Box Office Breakdown 

01:42:39 4/6/2022
Comic Boys

The Batman No Spoilers Review
The Batman Spoiler Review
The Batman Sequel and Beyond
Dr Strange 2
Box Office

01:30:51 3/6/2022
Comic Boys

No big news this week so join us as we watch and react to arguably the worst superhero movie ever made (or at least one of them). 

01:37:36 1/27/2022
Comic Boys

Look Ahead to 2022

Batgirl Teaser

Moon Knight Teaser

Black Panther 2 News

Box Office

01:10:14 1/20/2022
Comic Boys

Tom Holland James Bond
Best and Worst Movies of 2021

Survey: https://khalildeadpool.survey.fm/best-worst-movies-of-2021  

02:12:38 1/13/2022
Comic Boys

The Batman Trailer
Dr Strange 2 Trailer
No Way Home Spoiler Talk
What we Watched
Box Office

02:08:42 1/3/2022
Comic Boys

Star Wars News
Eternals Spoiler Talk
No Way Home Predictions
Bond Pitch
Box Office

02:09:27 11/16/2021

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