Episode 43: The Derby, The Drinks and A Bet

Adam and Beef explore the history and more importantly...THE DRINKS of the Kentucky Derby. They play a fun game with the horses' names, place a bet with a Drink of Shame on the line, have two beers from Kentucky, booze news and pub trivia.

Virtual Pub Podcast
01:08:13 4/29/2021

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Virtual Pub Podcast
Join Beef and Adam at The Virtual Pub Podcast, where they serve up a refreshing blend of booze news, pub trivia, and candid conversations over a couple of cold ones. In this episode, they dive into the latest headlines in the world of libations, test their knowledge with some lively pub trivia, and share their thoughts on everything from the Tom Brady Roast to the allure of hotel lobby bars. Pour yourself a drink and join the conversation as Beef and Adam bring the pub experience right to your ears. Cheers to good times and great company at The Virtual Pub Podcast!
00:40:01 6/13/2024
Virtual Pub Podcast
In this lost episode of The Virtual Pub Podcast, hosts Beef and Adam are joined by the ultimate trivia master, Wil, for an exhilarating round of Pub Trivia. With questions spanning from pop culture to history, the competition heats up as Beef and Adam put their knowledge to the test against Wil's formidable expertise. Amidst laughter, banter, and maybe even a few friendly jabs, listeners are in for a thrilling ride as the trio battles it out for trivia supremacy. But that's not all! As the episode draws to a close, Beef and Adam drop an exciting bombshell: Season 2 of The Virtual Pub Podcast is on the horizon! Get ready for Another Round of your favorite pub-themed discussions, games, and good times. Cheers to new beginnings and more virtual pub adventures!
00:32:52 6/6/2024
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam & Beef go Outer Range with this amazing brewery from Frisco, Colorado. "Leave the life below" is a great tagline when your brewery is over 9,000 feet in elevation. They enjoy three beers from Outer Range, two beers from Illinois, attempt to do Pub Trivia after all those beers and talk about 80's movies.
00:54:35 6/22/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Henry Ottrix, co-founder of Traveling Spirits Bartenders, joins Adam and Beef this week to talk about cocktails, his journey through the world of cocktails and booze on the go! Beef and Adam discuss the ratings of 80s' movies, booze news, pub trivia and more! They visit Maine on this week's Virtual Brew Tour.
00:00:00 6/15/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
A great trend that came out of the 90s...no it isn't boy bands! In this episode, Adam and Beef explore the history and traditions of beer and barrel-aging. Adam nerds out and discusses the origin story of beer, talks about why beer shifted from wood to steel. The Virtual Brew Tour stops in Louisiana with two great beers, booze news, Drink of Shame talk and Beef's Pub Quiz.
00:59:18 6/8/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Are you ready for the summer? Adam and Beef explore the refreshing summertime beverages of the Radler and Shandy. They drink four different ones, they talk about the history and review a couple of pre-made versions. Could there be another Drink of Shame on the line during the pub quiz? The Virtual Brew Tours stops in Maryland, booze news and a lot of 80's movie discussion.
00:54:40 5/31/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
What is the best pub food? What do you look for when it comes to bar food? What is the difference between pub food and restaurant food? Adam and Beef tackle what the best pub food and define what is pub food. They explore an article by Eat This, "The Best Bar Food in Every State" and discuss their thoughts. They boys may have had a couple of adult beverages and get into storytelling mode.
00:36:45 5/18/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
The boys celebrate National Mimosa Day with 5 different mimosa recipes. The Virtual Brew Tour stops at two different beers from Nebraska. Booze News, Beef's Pub Quiz and more.
00:59:04 5/14/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some new Mexican inspired drinks! Adam and Beef explore the other drinks of Cinco de Mayo, not just beer and margaritas. Beef is surprised by a experienced based drink, they drink Treehouse Brewing beers in the Virtual Brew Tour of Massachusetts, Beef's Pub Trivia and Booze News.
01:09:02 5/3/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
It is our 1 year anniversary show! Adam and Beef are live at Abbott & Wallace Distilling in Longmont, CO with Co-founder John Young. John shares with the boys some rye whiskey, gin, rum, CHERRY BOMB, can cocktails and the amazing story behind their distillery. Booze news, pub trivia and a beer from New Hampshire.
01:02:31 4/13/2021

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