Episode #28 - Another Curry-less Playoffs

Kwame Brown gets it all off of his chest, a so-so UFC Fight Night card, where Julio Jones will end up and we review the NBA Play In Games and some of the strong playoff performances from Saturday's opening round games as well as preview the other matchups that were set to tip off on Sunday. Some say its a slow sports week but there's never a dull moment when playoff hockey is on and Phil is in the hunt on The Loud Sports Show!

The Loud Sports Show
00:48:38 5/24/2021

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The Loud Sports Show
Justin and Anthony are back to talk about Game 5 and Game 6 of the NBA Finals and the guys are split if that will be the last game of the season or not. The upcoming NBA draft, the return of football and some recent free agent signings, Anthony did love the HR derby, Justin was half right and Seattle gets a new pro sports team this week...just not the one we have all been waiting for! All that and so much more!!!
00:48:58 7/21/2021
The Loud Sports Show
After being off for a few weeks Justin and Anthony are back and right before the MLB All Star game! On Episode #32, the guys talk about the tough break for Conor McGregor and what his future holds, the Milwaukee Bucks finally winning a Finals game and if they can take the series to 7 games, the Big 3 Season 4 debut plus The Match review and we talk about the Laser Light show that might go off at Coors Field tonight with Shohei Otani leading the American league into the Home Run Derby both at the plate and on the mound!
00:37:39 7/12/2021
The Loud Sports Show
After being off for a few weeks the boys are back! Justin fills in Anthony on the upcoming BIIG3 season, the guys get caught up on the NBA Playoffs and talk about the remaining NBA coaching vacancies, the Celtics lineup going forward after the Kamba trade, The Match, The Cowboys on Hard Knocks and a trip to the Monthly Baseball Update where Mr. Otani is right where Justin said he would be!
00:44:50 7/12/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Clippers/Mavericks gear up for Game 7...The Lakers are bounced in the first round, which means CP3 advances...the Celtics shake up their front office a day after their 1st rd exit...Portland cuts ties with their coach, who already has suitors....Brooklyn takes it to Giannis and the Bucks in Game 1...and some Breaking News as Julio Jones is traded mid show. Playoff hockey, UFC Fight Night, a preview of the actual NBA second round matchups and so much more!
00:50:42 6/7/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Julio Jones tells Shannon Sharpe he is done in ATL....Dak's rehab is going well, does that make the Cowboys favorites in the NFC East?...Brady and Rodgers meet again in The Match...and who has a real chance in the NBA playoffs and who should start planning for their 2021 summer vacation. Plus Justin hits Anthony with the Monthly Baseball Update and much, much more!
00:53:38 6/2/2021
The Loud Sports Show
The NFL 20201 Schedule, 2020 HOF Inductions, who is in the 2021 NBA HOF class?, the end of the NBA regular season, who is doing what for the Play In tournament, the crazy finishes and great stories of UFC 262, Justin tries to convince Anthony that you can root for other players who don't play for your favorite teams and so much more!
00:53:42 5/20/2021
The Loud Sports Show
After a week off J and A are back for episode 26 where the guys talk about Justin being at the Avengers game, why Anthony is salty about the draft, Tebow signing as a Tight End, the Celtics and Lakers chances in the Play in Tournament, Russell Westbrook going to God Mode, if there is a team that even make sense for Aaron Rodgers to go to, and why Houston sports fans are having the worst year ever!
00:59:57 5/11/2021
The Loud Sports Show
On Episode #25 Justin and Anthony talk about Lebron James and his impending return to the Lakers lineup...the amazing post HR antics of Fernando Tatis and how it's exactly what baseball needs...UFC 261 and it's buffet of title fights, leg breaks and knockouts...and of course, its the most wonderful time of the year, NFL Draft week, complete with a run down the first 15 picks and so much more!
01:10:42 4/28/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Its been a slow sports week but that doesn't stop The Loud Sports Show from coming at ya with episode 24 !!! On the latest episode, Anthony and Justin recap the Jake Paul/Ben Askren debacle and the UFC on ESPN from last weekend before talking about the surging Celtics, Jayson Tatum's recent hot streak and their chances in the 2021 playoffs. We talk about rumors of Brad Stevens turning downs boat loads of cash... the 2021 NBA HOF inductions...Does Clownery signing with the Browns put the atop the AFC North?...The NFL Schedule is out soon...Aaron Donald gets an apology upon further review...T Law showered with Jacksonville gifts...and of course, the NFL Draft is next week! All that and so much more on an all new episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!
00:49:46 4/24/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Fresh off the Masters and a week of disappointing MMA, Justin and Anthony are back with another episode of The Loud Sports Show! On episode #23 the guys talk about the Sam Darnold trade and collecting on the Baylor upset from last week, the almost collapse that occurred at The Masters this Sunday, the Celtics winning 3 games in a row, and the lack luster UFC on ABC card this weekend. The NFL draft is right around the corner, Taylor Hall is a Bruin after all, the big man is running the NBA again and of course, no episode is complete without some breaking news and this week was no different as we say farewell to a Patriots legend! Its all here on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show!
00:53:12 4/13/2021

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