In this episode we talk about other mental illnesses that come along somrtimes with BPD. We also talk about some of my personal experiences as a parent with BPD and young children. 

The Only Skydude
00:12:39 4/12/2022

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The Only Skydude

In this episode we talk about some of the fundamentals of BPD. We go over some facts and even talk about my personal experiences throughout my years. 

00:20:42 4/4/2022
The Only Skydude

Welcome to The Only Skydude Podcast. Mental Health will be a big topic of what I talk about. With the world being more intune with mental health now is never a better time to help some people!

Words Spoken: Did you know that 18.2% of parents suffer from mental illness and 3.8% suffer from serious mental illness? Hello my name is Skyler, and I'm a parent who suffers from BPD. 

Join me as I take you along a journey of being a stay at home parent with a mental illness. We'll talk about ways you can cope with the stresses of everyday life and being

a parent. 

00:01:06 4/2/2022

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