Episode 121: NBA Free Agency, Dame Trade and Wemby's Debut

In this episode we recap the free agency signings in the NBA. We also discuss the Dame trade request and Wemby's summer league debut.

Sandoval Benched
00:33:56 7/10/2023

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Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we honor the legacies of Jerry West and Willie Mays. We discuss the NBA Finals Championship for the Boston Celtics and how they can keep winning for years to come. We also discuss next steps for Luka and the Mavericks. We finally discuss the Caitlin Clark Olympic team snub.
00:35:13 6/19/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we discuss the impact of Bill Walton. We discuss Caitlin Clark and how the conversation surrounding her has changed. We preview the NBA Finals. We also discuss if Luke and Kyrie are the best duo.
00:53:13 6/5/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we recap round 2 of the NBA playoffs and make picks for the conference finals. We then discuss the new media rights deal that is not yet official.
00:32:50 5/22/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs and where the teams with aging stars go from here. We then discuss the Minnesota Timberwolves and how multiple centers has worked for them.
00:31:44 5/9/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we recap the Final Four and then discuss the complicated legacy of OJ Simpson. We then recap the NBA play-in games, what the Warriors do next. We then preview the NBA playoff matchups.
00:33:12 4/19/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we discuss both Final Fours and preview upcoming games while recapping the elite eight games. We then discuss the impact of Caitlin Clark and what it means for women's sports and why her and other athletes will help drive the WNBA for years to come. We then discuss the NBA playoff push, Oakland A's and the Stefon Diggs trade.
00:41:00 4/4/2024
Sandoval Benched
*content warning* This episode discusses sexual assault situations. In this episode, we discuss the Ohtani betting scandal with theft from his interpreter, we then discuss the Porter prop bet situation. We then discuss the allegations against Diddy and how a former Syracuse basketball player is connected. We also get into March Madness for both men and women. We close out discussing the NL West and why I think it will be the best division this year.
00:48:15 3/27/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, I address the results of the Super Bowl and this disgust is has brought to my life. We then discuss the recent action during NFL free agency. We then discuss the current state of the NBA and the competitive west and the issues with the Bucks and their lack of defense. We close out recapping the Oscars.
00:34:40 3/13/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we preview the Super Bowl and we discuss some good bets for the big game. We also discuss recent coaching hires in the NFL.
00:41:39 2/7/2024
Sandoval Benched
In this episode we quickly recap the divisional round and discuss the exits of the Bills, Texans, Packers and Buccaneers. We then recap the conference championship games and why Brock Purdy deserves respect and why Mahomes is in his own discussion for quarterback play. We finish with coaching hires.
00:33:18 1/31/2024

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