Ep.19-War and the Art that comes from It

In this episode of the Crooke and Candle Podcast, Ozzy and Trejen in an unexpected turn of events, talk about recent world events going on regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and talk about how War has inspired a ton of Art and Creativity in response, and how unfortunate this is overall. Follow Us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle

Crooke & Candle
00:57:43 3/22/2022

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Crooke & Candle
Yes. We know. It's been awhile. No the podcast isn't dead, and we explain what has happened in the previous month that caused us to be away from doing the show for awhile. We talk about Ozzy catching the coof, shooting the shortfilm we've been working on, etc. Follow Us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:51:35 6/9/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of the Crooke and Candle Podcast, Ozzy and Trejen discuss what we've been up to the past two weeks, the short film we are producing, and of course, we gotta talk about the Slap heard round the world, when Will Smith in a moment of bad taste, decided to slap Chris Rock over a bad joke, and give our two cents. Follow Us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:19:51 4/14/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of Crooke & Candle, Ozzy and Trejen with special guest August Broussard, we talk about film making, taking risks, finding our passions, and more importantly discuss the Short film we will all be producing together. Overall this episode is a banger. Follow us here: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:52:08 3/15/2022
Crooke & Candle
There has been a shift in popular culture in the past 10 years, and while some changes have been good, it has also resulted in media from comics, movies, and video games, seemingly drop in quality, focusing more on "the message" more so that whether the product is good in the end. So join us as Ozzy and Trejen discuss Marvel Comics, Cowboy Bebop, The Lord of the Rings and whether modern "pop culture" is actually popular, and what makes good media "GOOD" in the first place. Follow Us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:11:43 3/8/2022
Crooke & Candle
In the last episode we Interviewed Dino Sommese of Dystopia, Asunder and Noothgrush, and were absolutely blown away by the reception, and we thought as a thank you, we would do a follow up, and respond to some of the best comments we got, as well as do something we didn't get to do during the Dino interview...tattoo while doing a podcast. Follow us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:51:05 3/1/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of Crooke & Candle, Recently Trejen had the privilege to go out to Oakland and visit his long time friend Dino Sommese of Dystopia, Asunder and Noothgrush fame, and have a sit down interview with him for the first time in 4 years for the Crooke and Candle Podcast for episode 15. In this episode, we talk how Dino found his passion for music, what caused him to form Dystopia, and where he is now, and answer the burning question...will he reform the band and do one more tour? Find out in this episode of Crooke and Candle. Follow us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:04:09 2/22/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of Crooke & Candle Ozzy discusses losing the joy in what you do, and the ways you can find that joy again your creative endeavors. Also noticeably...Trejen isn't here this episode? What happened? Find out on this episode of the Crooke & Candle Podcast. Follow us: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:41:02 2/15/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of the Crooke & Candle Podcast, Ozzy and Trejen discuss when is the time for one to make the jump from taking their hobby as a creative, and turning that into a long term career, as well as what one has to do in order to maintain that goal and the importance of looking inward at yourself, and acknowledging what you may be doing wrong, and what you can do better to achieve success. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:00:00 2/9/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of the Crooke and Candle Podcast Ozzy and Trejen discuss Drugs, Art, and Divergent thinking, how drugs can positively open your mind to thoughts you may not have had and how that can help in the creation of art, but also the massive negatives that come from doing drugs for too long, and the consequences it can have on your life. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:16:28 2/1/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of the Crooke & Candle Podcast Trejen and Ozzy discuss Imposter syndrome, and the detriment it can have on you in the long term as an artist/creative minded person, and how you can overcome it. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:06:52 1/25/2022

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