Ep 64: Talking Nashville, Chicago and the GOP Primary

Pete and Howell return from Spring Break (and other excuses) to catch up on the last few weeks of politics. Join them for their lucid insights as they record on 4/20, bro!

Politics & Brose
00:00:00 4/22/2023

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Politics & Brose
Pete and Howell regroup after a casino trip and a sickness to chat about recent happenings, including the State of the Union, Nikki Haley campaign suspension, and some MTG crazy. Happy Friday!
00:00:00 3/8/2024
Politics & Brose
Pete and Howell regroup after the holidays to catch up on the developments in the Republican Primary, where it appears America is steaming towards the nomination. The GOP begins to fall in line, what's left for Nikki Haley, and how does all this affect ongoing immigration talks? Dive in and hear what the bros have to say!
00:00:00 1/31/2024
Politics & Brose
Pete and Howell celebrate Festivus with an airing of political grievances about all that is going on - Santos & McCarthy leave, anti-Semitism on the rise, silly political debates and most of all, their Topic of the Week - a potential Trump second term. Happy Holidays!
00:00:00 12/12/2023
Politics & Brose
Before Thanksgiving, Pete and Howell feast on Mike Johnson's first month as Speaker, the 2024 General horserace and revisit the fallout from the Israel-Hamas War. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends!
00:00:00 11/19/2023
Politics & Brose
Pete and Howell reflect on a week of war in Israel and what America can do to keep a bad situation from getting worse.
00:00:00 10/18/2023
Politics & Brose
On the heels of a near shutdown, Pete and Howell regroup to talk Kevin McCarthy's ouster as Speaker. Also dabble in the Taylor-Travis "romance" and recent debates. Enjoy!
00:00:00 10/5/2023
Politics & Brose
Pete and Howell get together to discuss Mitt Romney and his retirement's meaning, the idiocy of the recent Garland testimony, and why a government shutdown might be imminent. Plus, what the Bros are into these days.
00:00:00 9/26/2023
Politics & Brose
Fresh off a Pearl Jam concert, Pete and Howell regroup to talk about the GOP debates and the horror it portends. Happy Monday!
00:00:00 9/11/2023
Politics & Brose
We are back with thoughts on all sorts of things from the USWNT flameout to Trump's 3rd indictment to Mitch McConnell being fucking old to UFO hearings! Yay! Come give us a listen.
00:00:00 8/8/2023
Politics & Brose
Howell and Pete discuss the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, craziness in Russia, and the legal hot waters of Donald Trump and Hunter Biden.
00:00:00 6/30/2023

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