America fought her way to freedom and the players were brave and strong. Do you know them all? Learn about the Declaration of Independence and some of the great revoluntionists that helped fight for our great country. Sybil Ludington, Peter Francisco, Nancy Heart, Laodicea "Daring Darcy" Langston and Elizabeth "Betsy" Hagar. Plus a RAK update. I love America!

Damit With Beaver
00:46:30 6/28/2021

Past Episodes

Damit With Beaver
Craigslist has some interesting "personals" ads. They call them activities, I call them fun! Let's laugh together as we decipher these ads with special guest Robert from Outlaw Highway Randomness Podcast and The Joy of Autism Podcast. #Damit
00:00:00 8/30/2021
Damit With Beaver
We have all done it at one time or another. Some of us have been set up, met up, or just bumped into Mr Wrong or Mrs Wrong. Hear some stories of dates gone bad on #Damit with Beaver
00:53:00 8/23/2021
Damit With Beaver
Why do we do the things we do? How does a woman go from nurturer to murderer? Join my guest Melissa for an in depth look at 3 prominent female serial killers. Belle Gunness, Amelia Dyer and Dorothea Puente.
00:58:04 8/16/2021
Damit With Beaver
Jami is back and we are diving into the posts of Comet Pizza and emails from John Podesta with key words that are used in the world of pedophilia
01:16:14 8/9/2021
Damit With Beaver
Sex trafficking and organ harvesting are real. They are a topic most people do not want to touch, but it needs to be spoken. My special gues Jami from Ain't You a Peach joins me to go down the Rabbit Hole. This episode discusses the symbolism and their meanings
01:00:25 8/2/2021
Damit With Beaver
Gardening can help clear your mind and make you think about things. We can learn from the resilience of plants and how to grow where we are. Random Acts of Kindess and I share two personal paranormal events that made me question my beliefs
00:57:53 7/26/2021
Damit With Beaver
My Gma K was my kindred spirit. She was a strong woman that overcame adversity in her life, but remained the kind, loving woman I was blessed to call Grandma. Hear my favorite stories of the woman I call my Kindred Spirit
01:00:19 7/18/2021
Damit With Beaver
Cooking, baking, gardening, canning it is what I do on vacation. I update you on my staycation with family, #RandomActsofKindness
I lost a member of the #Fabulous4 while on vacation, RIP Jesse. Dogs are being surrendered to shelters in alarming rates. At what age do we begin to be judgemental? All this on #Damit
00:55:51 7/12/2021
Damit With Beaver
What could possibly be on a list that would make Beaver so upset? Tune in to find out. There is a beautiful Random Act of Kindness you don't want to miss! The Green Book movie review and Father's Day.
00:56:59 6/21/2021
Damit With Beaver
A case of mistaken identity and more serial killing women. Hear about Juana Barazza, Belle Gunness, Leonarda Cianciulli and Dorothea Puente and the men that were dying to meet them. Also a Random Act of Kindess, because there is still good that exists in the world
01:01:55 6/14/2021

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