Comfortability in The Talking Stage & Relationship Stage

In todays episode we are touching on comfortability in the talking stage and relationship stage. We are also going to doing a story time in todays episode that goes along with this topic. Stay true to you and what makes you comfortable! Never let anyone change your mind on what makes you feel safe!

Life With Riah Podcast
00:19:46 11/2/2021

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Life With Riah Podcast
In this week's episode we will be talking about accepting your failures and owning who you are! I talk about my BIGGEST failure to date and how it shaped me into who I was meant to be. I will also be talking about how you have two choices in life facing them head on or allowing someone to be there make it better for you instead of you making it better. I have never been this open ever and the confidence that this failure allows me to have I'm forever grateful that I came out on top and I didn't let it stop me from blossoming! Instagram: QueenzBabeRadioPodcast I hope you guys enjoy this episode!
00:28:13 11/15/2021
Life With Riah Podcast
Hello, In this weeks episode we will be talking about Self Dating, Self Love and your Self Care Journey! This episode we will also break down "Self" and what it truly means in this generation of youth and adults. I hope you all enjoy!
00:31:33 11/8/2021
Life With Riah Podcast

Welcome to QueenzBabeRadio!

In todays episode we will be talking about toxic people and identifying those toxic people! 

Toxic people will be the people who make you feel like you are not worthy to achieve the things you want to in life. Toxic people have you feeling like your dreams and goals are not realistic but in reality they are! 

Know the people who want you to win, and will never steal your shine!

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00:07:00 8/26/2019
Life With Riah Podcast

Welcome to Queenz Babe Radio!

With your host Mariah Sharnell, Queenz Babe Radio was created to allow to stop saying sorry for being who they are and start being who they were meant to be. This show will touch on all subjects from social media, relationships, spilling tea, boy drama, and of course speaking our truth!

On Queenzbaberadio we will talking about motivation, self-love, embracing ourselves, to never apologize anymore.

You will be hearing from women of all different backgrounds, fields, and what drives them to be the women they are today and what the future means to them as a women!

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00:01:47 8/14/2019

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