Clean Living.....we are trying! Adulting is HARD!

We dive into a clean living challenge started by Hoda & Jenna (Today Show) and try to adopt a few simple changes in 2020. We review BeautyCounter's charcoal mask and start using the EWG app as well as Think Dirty to try and reduce the chemicals coming into our homes. Don't worry, it's not all world changing - toxic chemical reducing, we laugh way too hard about Brooke's Awkward Moment and at ourselves, you can totally relate. #HatersGonnaHate

We Can Relate
00:00:30 1/23/2020

Past Episodes

We Can Relate
After an EPIC failure to record, Brooke joins Ashley for a little catch up. Brooke lost her "club" virginity and somehow Ashley ends up reminiscing about the 2007 Ice Storm. A couple awkward moments and plenty of laughter in the studio!
00:48:26 10/28/2020
We Can Relate
If you have never tried to buy booze on a Sunday before 9AM in Missouri...don't. I didn't even know this was a "thing." Plus, if you are in the market for a homemade PSL recipe, today's episode has you covered. Cheers!
00:41:45 10/20/2020
We Can Relate
Making Moon Tea, buying a gardening vest and talking about Old Wives Ashley 34 or 84!? In this season of life, maybe we have all matured a bit, but seriously a vest for gardening!? She may have become un-relatable.
00:31:02 10/15/2020
We Can Relate
We're baaaaacckk! Ashley is back in studio solo for the first time in MONTHS. It's weird, there is awkward silence and no one laughs about her chickens being murdered or her kid dropping the f bomb in car line at his Christian school, but it's 2020 and everything is weird...your can relate!
00:00:00 10/7/2020
We Can Relate
Tune in this week to find out what makes our panties drop, and why Ashley thinks this is our best episode yet! We get REAL about our Botox and Filler experiences and why we ALL need to be reading more. We may go off on a "Ted Talk" tangent, but we figure... you can relate!
00:49:05 3/5/2020
We Can Relate
The original gang is back at it again today to discuss ways we spice up date night! Get the inside scoop on our newest Beauty Counter addictions, why hard seltzers are actually THE WORST, and who Amanda is "fangirling" over that we can ALL relate to.
00:33:43 2/26/2020
We Can Relate

Amanda is BACK! The gang's all here for a quickie on cleaning out your clutter. Why we donate and resell or pass on our clothes and that time Leah caught on fire. Ashley reviews Pretty Frank natural deodorant and we drink water. That's right, water. Still not sure why. But, cheers!

00:21:24 2/19/2020
We Can Relate

If you have ever been yelled at in a Target parking lot, or given a discount because you look old, you should totally listen. Ashley and Leah have a couple epic "Manager, Please!" moments on this episode. Producer Brooke is absent, so Ashley's husband fills in for her. Let's just say he is more than boring!

00:24:47 1/31/2020
We Can Relate
We are back after a brief podcast break for the holidays. Hear all about our adventures in Chicago. We may or may not have stolen a purse and coat on accident! We did return it...but the owner wasn't too pleased.
00:41:37 1/11/2020
We Can Relate
Leah and Ashley share ways to unwind during the holidays. Humor, yoga, wine, meditation, frozen know, all the essentials. Plus, hear what Leah thinks about her new weighted blanket.
00:20:47 12/18/2019

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