Channel Casimir, the brains & beauty behind "Complex Simplicity"

Channel Casimir, the brains and beauty behind the motivational brand "Complex Simplicity", chops it up with Squirrel Rosenberg. It's another Jewel filled podcast as Channel holds nothing back. Her journey begins growing up in the quintessential 2 parent, 2 child household. Mom was brutally honest; as a result of the difficult life she experienced growing up, whereas Dad is the more diplomatic, nurturing and loving type. "My dad is everything to me, he was the man who taught me how I should be treated, without having to verbally say it. He taught me with his actions.", one of the many profound jewels dropped throughout this refreshing podcast. Listen as Channel shares her insecurities growing up taller and thicker than the other girls in middle and high school. However, with reassurance from her brother and family, she realized and owned her beauty. This gave her the confidence to forge her own lane and sense of fashion in college, which she revered. Ruled under the astrological sign of Leo, Channel speaks of her loyalty and bossy swagger which has propelled her to host her show, "Candid talk with Channel". As a star to look out for, Channel Casimir harnesses a simple approach to navigate the complexity of life. Enjoy.

SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)
00:32:51 8/8/2019

Past Episodes

SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

Born and raised in Clermont St. Ann, Jamaica to a mother who gave him away at 2 years old, Don Reid had no immediate family members. A poor, malnourished little boy, he found himself being mothered by Miss Louise (Miss Lu), a complete stranger.
Don reflects on his past, including going to Clermont All-Age School; which was approximately 4 miles from his house. He walked it bare-footed as he had no shoes. In his small community, he was known as the little boy that was given away. However, he was extremely bright and well read. A spelling bee champion and involved in the schools' Drama Club, Don Reid did not allow his circumstances to dictate his future. Don shares of his 1st unconditional love and support system, which came from Rev. Tuller, the local pastor from his church. "I'm proud of you", words that stuck with Don as he reflects on the impact of that relationship; Rev Teller treated him like a son. High school was a complete 180 degree turn for Don. The onslaught of puberty & the assumed freedom to attend or not to attend high school had him on a path to failure. Don recalls a high school friend who embraced him unfortunately was a certified loser. Due to his influence on Don, they would ‘go to school and do everything; except go to school'. Certified the class dunce, he was still able to finish 19th out 40 students.
After a stern and sincere discussion with the principal, coupled with the threat of Miss Lu's belt, Don straightened up and became a straight-A student. Don shares his journey into the medical field via a threat, and his transition into the banking profession. The undeserved care and advice from the people God has placed so strategically throughout his life allowed Don to confidently walk through all doors that were opening.
"Throughout all these experiences, I have learned to laugh at myself", among the many jewels dropped by this ‘little boy that was given away', now known as Don Reid. Enjoy this riveting, honest and hilarious SQR Podcast production.

00:39:35 10/3/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

"Poor is a state of mind." Read that again. This week's episode, though short, is jam-packed with jewels from Passaic's own financial coach, Peter Rosas. Coming from a household with an absent father, his saving grace was both his strong mother and his faith. Through trials and tribulations, Rosas takes us on his life journey to encourage us to seize every opportunity presented and to secure our futures. YOU are in control of creating your own legacy. Get your mind and your pocket right with Peter Rosas! Enjoy.

00:38:32 9/23/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

Nichole Lawrence, Gabrielle "Gabi" Bartnik and Felix Melo; 2017 PCTI graduates now entering junior year at college, revisits SQR podcast for an exclusive sequel to their original Podcast. Enjoy this fascinating follow-up podcast with Nichole Lawrence, Gabrielle "Gabi" Bartnik and Felix Melo; 2017 PCTI graduates now entering their junior year in college. Nichole Lawrence – Marymount Manhattan NYC. Gabi Bartnik – Montclair State NJ. Felix Melo – Rutgers NJ. Listen as they recap from high school; the 1st day, the teachers that made an impact, graduation day, the emotions, the moments; to the 1st day of college. They experienced the freedom, the responsibility, and the cost it came with. This led to a lot of self evaluation, change of major, and therapy. "You got to go through it, that thorn bush. Now in a bed of roses", a jewel dropped by Gabi Bartnik. Navigating college, they hold nothing back. Vulnerable and authentic, Nichole, Gabi and Felix share their respective journeys toward now being juniors. Seasoned, involved, and focused. World, get ready for 3 Icons.

00:50:44 9/16/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

Born Shani-Love Dishmen, her parents were playing rap to her since her embryonic days in the womb. Shani created a hybrid of her legal name and the influence of Fetty Wap's Remy Boys, to become Remy Girl Ni. Ni's parents have been a great influence on her life to motivate and inspire her to develop her talents while prioritizing school as well.

As a confident, focused, ten year old, Ni is prepared for the social changes that seem to be a fact in the middle school dynamic. Jealousy may occur and some friends are already asking her not to change. Already experiencing this, she's ready for whatever middle school challenges may bring and friends she may lose and gain based solely on her fame.

Affiliated with RGF Island, Ni is signed with the same label as Fetty Wap, and she represents Remy girls and Remy Boys. After making the song "Remy Girl Gang", she credits 2Gs for bringing her into the RGF circle. Remy Girl Ni has two singles,"We Litty" & "Remy Girl Gang" which are out right now on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. She has already expressed an interest in possibly developing a tv show concept of her own, which she intends on negotiating with Nickelodeon and Disney, while also seeking sponsorship opportunities. From there Ni keeps her focus and continues to pursue her career.

Truthfully, Ni is a workaholic! She goes to the studio every week; every other day, working on 30 songs ready to be dropped. By doing this, Ni is prepared and ready to go. She shared her first official video "We Litty" with us. Ni played a role in directing and producing this video with her father Cory; from choosing location, sponsors, and costumes, Ni's confidence and joy are evident from start to finish. When watching the finished product, the elation on Ni's face expresses the joy and love she has for her work.

Before leaving us, Ni shared her views on the world today. Again, her maturity shined through. She expressed that she doesn't judge people on their race and she believes everyone deserves a second chance. Remy Girl Ni would love to see an end to racism and have the world filled with more peace and love. At the tender age of 10, her potential is truly endless.

00:39:07 9/5/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

"Music was my antidote"- A jewel dropped by writer and song bird Kia'Mni as she serenades SQR Podcast. Listen to this jewel-filled life story from one of the most angelic voices you will ever hear. Kia'Mni, born in Newark has an only child to separated parents, shares of the unwavering support she got from both parents; a Dad who held the household down while Mom completed her studies. Kia's fun memories of middle school and high school were vivid, as she recaps being part of the varsity cheerleading squad and a member of an all-girls group. Experiences she was grateful for as she realized her talent and the ability to be a solo artist. "You could go through a toxic situation, have toxic love given to you, but now you found the antidote to cure all that." Another jewel which was the catalyst for Kia'Mni's new single, "Toxic Love". Experienced and written by Kia, the authenticity is palpable. The 1st guest to SQR Podcast who found us via Instagram and took initiative. Thank you, Kia. You are all welcome, as I know you will be educated, entertained and encouraged by the next Mary J Blige……… Song bird Kia'Mni. Enjoy.

00:28:49 7/29/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

Listen, as Squirrel grabs a Heineken, gets behind the Serato & Plays Nothing but L.O.X.

00:24:51 7/26/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

East meets West. Listen as singer, writer and performer China Marie, a Portland Oregon native chops it up with Squirrel Rosenberg at SQR Pro Studio in Paterson NJ. The product of inter-racial parents who divorced at an early age, China was raised by her mother and influenced by her grandmother, as her dad battle with a severe cocaine habit. She recalls the honesty of her mother, who admitted her sexuality, and the effect it had on her and her brother. Her journey through elementary and middle school was plagued with bullying, being the only biracial child in a predominantly black school district. However, this all changed once puberty hit in high school- when girls envied what she had and guys appreciated it. A lack of focus on her grades led China to accumulate a 1.8 GPA and a visit to school by her mom. A stern warning and determination to step up her game resulted in a remarkable 4.1 GPA upon graduation.

"I just want to be a star," the catalyst for China's move from her safe and secure life in Portland to the unknown territory and possibilities that awaited her in Los Angeles, California. Enjoy China Marie's vivid recap of her journey to Compton (corner of Watts and Alameda) to the perfect room for rent in a stash house. It was not long before her instincts led her to Manhattan Beach, where she lived in her Mercury Sable for three weeks in a middle school parking lot. An experience she kept from her mom, as she was unwilling to return to Portland and follow the status quo. Eventually, China found a place and a steady flow of income. Listen as she shares her introduction into the music industry via a video shoot for rapper Too Short, whom she met and impressed. Contrary to the conventional route, China created her own path to get her music and talent out there. Her fly on the wall moment shooting the video for her single ‘Policy' featuring Ray Jay confirms she was on the right path. A trip to New York City came about once China realized the music scene in L.A. was more conducive to established artists. China fell in love with the city that never sleeps and was embraced by all.

00:39:58 7/15/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

"I was too scared to quit". Among the many jewels dropped by super human/super ninja Joey K, as he honors SQR Podcast with one of our most fascinating stories yet. Listen as this only child who grew up a little shy, sheltered and even spoiled to parents who divorced at age 6. Spending time between mom and dad, Joey was able to enjoy all the fun and freedom from dad, however mom kept him in line with discipline, living clean and eating clean with a strong vegetarian diet. A transient early childhood included a move to Boston as mom remarried. Influenced by his grandmother in putting others first, lead to him making a decision to move back to live with his father and step mother in New Jersey. A ready-made household with a 10-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister; total chaos. A skinny kid with crappy grades and no athletic capabilities graduated high school, and with a seed planted by his uncle John, inspired him to join the navy; seal team that is; as the team work was appealing to him. Mom resisted. ("Give us your heart, we will take care of your body.") The mantra that fueled Joey K through the rigorous training to be a part of this elite BUDS team. Enjoy as joey shares his intimate experiences, wins and failures through the entire process of hell week and how it has allowed him to tackle all obstacle courses-physically and mentally-in life. Excerpts that could be applied to our life's journey, Joey shares of his transition back to civilian life. The self-destructive habits formed and his 'a-ha' moment, August 2016, looking at the Men's Health Magazine in Walgreen's. The dedication, drive and constant need to raise the ceiling are the main ingredients to SQR's conversation with Joey K. Enjoy

00:52:58 6/25/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

Prodigy, one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep passed away June 20, 2017. A rapper ahead of his time with unforgettable vocals and delivery. Prodigy and Havoc gave us the quintessential NYC sound, complimented by a clear and concise ability to tell their story about growing up In Queens Bridge (QB). Prodigy battled sickle cell since birth and did not allow this disease to prevent him from dominating the hip hop game and being an advocate for other suffers. "P" as he was commonly known to answer to; left an indelible mark on our culture and will truly be missed. R.I.P @prodigymobbdeep.

00:50:07 6/21/2019
SQR Podcast - The Community Podcast (Entertain - Educate - Encourage)

This prolific artist, Crux Mansata, stopped by SQR Podcast to share his new single, "The woke report" and dropped jewels. Listen as we recap his movement and journey since our last podcast a year ago. Embracing his role as a leader and a father, Crux has continued to bring awareness to his crew and community. Waking us all to realize self-value and the positive contribution we all should strive to make. "While you are here you have to leave something. I'm trying to leave something; everybody has a purpose." Crux Mansata's knowledge and self-awareness is contagious. Catch it.

00:26:09 6/10/2019

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