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We will be back next week! Please enjoy a special episode from last year. The Creative Team pays tribute to The Greatest Mothers in pro wrestling. That's right! Just before we gush over our own Mothers, we are going to discuss and solidify probably the most adorable Top 10s we have ever had! It's The Creative Team Top 10 Mothers of Wrestling! Gimmicks, Legends, Real life, or Imaginary. All Mothers in the crazy world of professional wrestling qualify. Who will be the topic of this loving conversation? Tune in now!

The Creative Team
00:52:02 2/28/2024

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The Creative Team
We hope you had a wonderful WrestleMania weekend, Creative Team fans! Our reaction to the event will have to wait, because we must conclude what we began last week! LAST WEEK, Cole & Ron drafted each other's rosters with the stipulation that each member of the roster had to have had a match on the grandest stage of them all! Who will make the best chicken salad today? Find out as Cole & Ron take the rosters they have been given and attempt to sway the judge with the best card possible. Who will have such a responsibility? Please welcome first time guest, long time listener, independent wrestling star, Darwin Finch! Tune into the conclusion to the 3rd ever SABOTAGE DRAFT now!
01:01:57 4/10/2024
The Creative Team
It's draft day! We are on the final stop on the road to WrestleMania Creative Team fans! What better way to celebrate the grandest stage of them all than Ron & Cole going after each other in a draft befitting the showcase of the immortals? It's the WrestleMania Sabotage Draft! An epic concept we created where instead of drafting our own rosters, we draft each other's roster! The only rule that applies to the draft pick is they had to have had a match at WrestleMania. Who will be left with who? Enjoy Part 1 RIGHT NOW!
00:52:09 4/3/2024
The Creative Team
We are wrapping 3:16 month in a big way! Since we booked "Stunning" Steve Austin earlier this month on a special Take it up with Creative, what better way to cap this month than reversing the situation. What would happen if The Texas Rattlesnake jumped to WCW? When would he go? Who would he face? What side is he on? If you wanna find out, give us a HELL YEAH! Tune in now! That's the bottom line! Cause The Creative Team said so.
01:01:24 3/27/2024
The Creative Team
If you want to hear The Creative Team, give their Top 10 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Matches of all time, then give us a Hell Yeah! Well then, you asked for it! It is our 2nd week into 3:16 month, and we are going to dive deep into all the greatest cans of whoop-ass ever opened by The Rattlesnake. Enjoy!
01:11:51 3/20/2024
The Creative Team
We are dubbing March of 2024, 3:16 month! All Month we will be centering all episodes around one man! Steve Austin. As the glass shatters on this historic month down memory lane. There is only one question to ask. What better way to begin a month dedicated to Steve Austin other than... an entire episode about "Stunning" Steve Austin!? Thats right! Long before there were middle fingers and beer, we had the brash/cocky Hollywood Blonde from WCW. 1995 is where the gimmick would fizzle out and we would eventually get the hell raiser we see today. What if that never happens? What could the Creative Team do to salvage "Stunning" Steve Austin? It's Take it up with Creative! "Stunning" Steve Austin in 1995. You're not going to want to miss this, and that's the bottom line!
00:47:46 3/13/2024
The Creative Team
We are back! A lot has happened since we all got together. Join us as we talk all things Elimination Chamber & AEW's Revolution! From there, we bring to you, as promised, a very special Top 10 subject. Valentine's Month may be in our rear-view mirror, but love is still in the air! Join us as we solidify the Top 10 Couples in Wrestling. Grab your special someone, sit back, and tune it now!
01:34:01 3/6/2024
The Creative Team
It is still that time of the year ladies and gents! Valentines Day may be in our rear-view mirror, but the theme of the month rolls on! Normally we talk about love and heartfelt moments during this time of year. Why not pivot and talk about all the Heart Break!? On this special Top 10 countdown, Ron & Cole put their heads together to solidify the Top 10 moments in the career of the "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels. So many subjects to talk about. Lots of memories to dig through. Will your favorite moment make the list? Tune in now!
01:07:52 2/21/2024
The Creative Team
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at the Creative Team. Love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than talking about one of the most brutal technicians to step in the squared circle? Greg "The Hammer" Valentine was tailor-made to be a top guy in the golden era, but it just didn't go that way. Today! Ron and Cole will correct that mistake. Strap in, hug your significant other, and let us rewrite history today! It is Take it up with Creative for Mr. Greg Valentine! Enjoy!
00:46:21 2/14/2024
The Creative Team
Love is in the air in February, and we have a lovely month planned for you all. Before we get there, there is a lot of news to catch up on in the world of wrestling. Once we've been caught up on all the news and creative decisions in the modern times of wrestling, it is time rewind the clocks back to the Attitude Era and ponder a possibility everyone ponders about. What if Mark Henry won the heavyweight championship? More importantly, what if "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry won the heavyweight championship? It's a Take it up with Creative for the ages. Tune in now!
00:57:12 2/7/2024
The Creative Team
We hope you all enjoyed this year's Royal Rumble, Creative Team fans! BUT WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS YEAR'S RUMBLE JUST YET! The review is coming. Tune into that next week! Normally, everyone talks about the Royal Rumble match, themselves. Today, all matches that took place at the Royal Rumble are up for grabs on this special Top 10 episode! Thats right. Ron & Cole of The Creative team will discuss, in detail, the greatest matches that took place at The Royal Rumble event since the very first one! Will any of your favorites make the cut! Find out now!
01:23:35 1/31/2024

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